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Embroidery bunny and pal

I occasionally go to a thrift store and find some little goodies. i love garage sales and none have started this season yet. i am getting a little antsy.
Saturday i went and picked these two things up. I kind of like embroideries, so these were keepers. i usually look over these kind of things, but everyone has been doing such cute things with theirs. i wanted to give it a try.
There is one thing though...I have a delima that i can't seem to decide on. See the little bunny one? There are some stitches missing. Sooooo do i fix them? or do i leave them? What is anyones feeling?

I haven't decided what to do with them so any suggestions would be great too. I am thinking maybe a pocket face on a bag/purse. Something of that matter. not sure. I have one little 6 year old guy who really likes Racoons. Could he have too many? What should i do with that one?

ok. enough questions. Maybe i need to sleep on it and then read all my quilt books and such to get some ideas. A stitching dream would be nice. I like those kind! I can figure out a whole lot when that happens.

The weather was beautiful today. i made the kids go out and get some excercise and fresh air....always make them....what about me? yikes!
hopefully tomorrow will be a good one too.
I got a little quilting done for my sister-in-law. It is an easy pattern and that makes my life nice. i will post it in the next couple days to show it off. She is a great peicer and everything lays flat and wonderful. no puckers, or suckers! great stuff.

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Blogger amandajean said...

about the bend the rules sewing book...why not check your local library and check it out from there? (that's what I did.) It's not a book that I would purchase necessarily, but fun to make a few items from it.

11/3/08 10:16 PM  
Blogger queenofdreamsz said...

Hey Becky,

Not sure of the size of these little needleworks but they would make cute pinkeeps or possibly create some dolls from them.


11/3/08 11:59 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

The size of these guys are 4X4. the pinkeep is a supurb idea. the brain juices are flowing again.
i will try the library too on the book. not a bad idea. plus...i love that place!!! thanks

12/3/08 12:05 AM  

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