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whosies--written whatnots: let the sewing begin!


let the sewing begin!

Aren't these guys oh gals so nice. they are very fresh and springy!! i needed that on my table after the last little bit. i am finding new interest in little projects and will be posting a few more later.

After feeling a bit better i can finally sit and sew for a little bit. i have finished this quilt! It took 2 days of work. pretty quick i would say, plus the bonus is it was a "free" quilt. This is one where you take your scraps, put them together, cut a block and border it. I think it turned out quite fine! The scrappy block in the center is 8X6 and is bordered by a white 2" strip all around. Then sewn together and scrappy bordered. I still need to get the binding on, but it really works up pretty quick.

This quilt if for my cousin who is in the hostipal recovering from back surgery and her favorite color is pink. It has a yummy, soft pink flannel for the back to keep cozy and snuggle with.
The inspiration came from a cute quilt here. She has great ideas and very thrifty too.

I went to see a good friend today too. They had a little party to show off their newly adopted little girl. of course i couldn't pass up the chance to give some "pocket people" away! She got a prince, princess, and a fire breathing dragon. She immedietly did the taste test. soooo cute!

Here they are:

oh sooo cute. you can find more at my etsy shop.


Blogger emily said...

Wow, this quilt is gorgeous. I can't believe you did it in 2 days. I would love to learn to do that.


9/3/08 6:53 PM  
Blogger amandajean said...

oh, I love your pink quilt! I so have to try one of those now. :)

9/3/08 6:54 PM  

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