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You've Got Mail

Yesterday I got some mail!! I had joined a handkerchief trade on the Mary Janes Farm Website....LOVE IT!! http://

I recieved it---Look how cute. it fit's right in. i am sort of on a bird kick...weird huh?! But, then she stuck in some extra items. Some very nice gardening gloves, and 3 packets of seeds. How lovely is that. Can't wait for it be warmer to get these planted.

Speaking of the weather: take a look at what i woke up to today!!!

That is my rosemary bush growing crazy and then all of a sudden ---snow!
Hey, isn't it already Spring?
I have been extremely lazy this week. I homeschool (there are 3 currently doing work + 1 preschooler), and thought if everyone is taking it off, then i am too. So they have just played and done whatever their little hearts desired and i have played (sew) and done whatever my little heart has desired (sew some more). It has been a nice week. I have done very little home stuff, but really--- i can do that next week. :)
I have finished my extra large star blocks and they are put together and ready to get quilted. I am going to do that tonight...get it all loaded and ready at least. This baby is going on my bed and it is currently laid out and checking its position out. It looks great allready. i have plans for the "extra" 1/2 square triangles and they are all ironed and ready to go. They will make pinwheels for the quilt shams.


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