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whosies--written whatnots: KEEEEYYYYute!!



So during a little meeting with a bunch of little girls (church activity) at my house, i look out and there in my mail box is a package bulging out. Boy, i couldn't wait until they were gone and i could pounce upon the mail box and take a look!

Why don't you take a look with me:

KEEEYYUTE!! How about a YAAAAHHHHOOOO from ya all!! Check these babies out. There are sure some creative gals out there don't you agree? I think my all time favorite is right in the center. It has a teal blue/green with stars and a brown pocket. it is very retro in person. Some of the gals even put little notes in the pockets. One gal even sent hers with a horse magnent. They are all so different and cute. i love them! now the challenge will be were will they go? What will they do? i gotta get these cow girls a-workin'. any suggestions?
I have to say this was a trade from I don't know anyone really, just signed up. how fun is that?!

i finished a book "Happy Birthday or Whatever" by Annie Choi. The title caught my eye. I think this is definitely how i felt about my birthday this year (jan.). It went well, but my pshyci didn't go so well after that. anywho....It was really about her and growing up as an American Korean. her parents moved here. It is a very light book, with some great writing. She does slip in a few bad words in 2 conversations (too bad) but overall, it was good. Lighthearted and there are times when i just had to read it to my husband----of course he couldn't understand me when i was squelching the words out(some of it very funny!!), laugh,speak,laugh,speak,laugh,squeal,speak,squeal........
I found myself speaking Korean English for a few days. it is very comical!! HEy- why you do dat? Who say? ahhh....good stuff.

Tomorrow i have my monthly meeting with Feed Dogs. They are a local quilt group that meets up the street. It is a bunch of fun. i will of course haul up the star quilt for show and tell and maybe a few other items. I have been going for 4 years i think. yes- the first meetings i brought along my littlest one. She is now 4 1/2. Boy does time fly.


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