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Wrinkled in Time

I finished yesterday the binding on the star quilt. it had to get washed (my husband says it looks more like a quilt when it is wrinkly and such). i am not sure about that. It looks like it has been around for awhile. All the wrinkles it gets in time were put on in one day! Poor thing!
it for sure doesn't have that new, crisp look ---that is for sure!!
So it now resides on my bed!!! yayyyyy. i have made only one other quilt for my bed ---i believe it was my 2nd quilt ever!---no, i will not share a picture of that. ;) It hangs on my quilt ladder in my bedroom. A reminder of where I started! Good thing everyone has similar startings.

k. so anyways....i put it on my bed and it really didn't go with what was going on before- bed wise, so of course i have to change a few things and add a few different pillow cases. I am not sure if i am in love with the green. But for now it will have to stay. But I did add the brown pillow. I think that i mentioned this before, but i am in a bird mood. So of course i had to add an owl to the pillow. The brown was just too much. I still need to finish the other brown pillow for my husbands side, not sure if a bird will go on his side. Is there any suggestions out there.... what would fit him? In saying that i will most definitly NOT be putting a hammer or tape measure on his side (he is a contracter and drafter of home designs). Or should i just ignore his opinion (sometimes that is really hard) and go for another owl?

Two weeks ago my neighbors were having a yard sale and of course i had to just pop on over! So i had picked up a few little fabric items from her! She has a little more sophisticated look in her fabric, they were fun. So i grabbed this pile. I know it has been pieced on the front, but i couldn't resist. It is very cool looking. So last night I whipped up these babies. There are 2 of them on the living room couches. I think (besides the seam) they look good here. Cute huh?!

In the spirit of Birdiness going around i just had to join in!!! There is really a owl craze going down on the Etsy front. Has anyone else noticed this? Soooo i of course had to do some of my pocket people in owl. Check them out on the side link to take another look. I have 17 stuffed and ready for their faces and embelishments (don't fret, they are not all owls!). Hopefully i will get them done this week and added on to my shop on Etsy.

I am still working on getting those Easter Dress pictures. I will be posting them as soon as i get them.
one more thing--weather---- what the heck? We have snow on our ground AGAIN!! whatever! The kids don't like to go outside when it is this nippy. I don't blame we are all in the toy room/sewing room together getting ansy and spreading the feeling. I think i'll run to the store.


Blogger julie said...

Hey Becky,
Your quilt is BE--UUU-t-FuL! I want to come see it on the bed. Maybe it will inspire me to be brave enough to quilt mine on your machine,since you were so kind to offer. I found another gal's blog that I really like--Farmhouse blessings or something like that. She is from Tennessee--writes fun stuff. I think she was a link from your blog or something like that. I need a BLOG--how do you do it? It's fun!! Happy sewing--you're amazing. Julie

1/4/08 2:25 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

the cutest owls! Another on my list of pocket people that I want!

1/4/08 5:45 PM  
Blogger Amy said...

Hi it's me again! I just looked at my comment from the other day and I hope it wasn't confusing, if your even at all interested in doing a trade you can come to my house to see my things, it kindof sounded like go to the country barn, maybe I'm just retarded. Anyways let me know, I have a few ideas for maybe some custom pocket people if your up for it. Like I was thinking a princess for each of my girls in their favorite color, maybe some different animals. Have a great day!

1/4/08 5:54 PM  
Blogger Becky said...

Thanks Julie and AMy...

Julie, bring your quilt on over anytime. it really isn't as hard as you think! Bring it on baby....

1/4/08 7:31 PM  

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