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Vintage Kitchen Swap

I finished collecting and making the items for the Vintage Kitchen Swap. This one has been kind of fun. I made the apron, the book cover---sew easy and turned out sooo cute too---i embroidered a little strawberry on the front, the strawberries, and the mini feedsack keeper. I threw in the cookie cookbook, the little strawberry jar, the salt water taffy, and the soap with an apron from an earlier trade.

Is that allowed? Can i re-gift a trade?! I have 14 other aprons and this one went right along and i couldn't resist. I really like this one....they were all cute look at an earlier post about that. I only have 3 bathrooms though...I bought a new jar of soap for it to be wrapped on. Funny.

I can't wait to get mine in the mail. Let me tell you though that the mailing was kind of expensive. It was over $8.00 to send that thing! Can't believe. when did that happen?! It really wasn't even very heavy.

I finished up all the other mini feedsack bags. I do have to say they are soooo cute. they are all in my etsy shop.....i might have to "buy" one for myself though. Keep some for give-aways or something later too.

This week i have two goals. I am going to go ahead and share them with you:

1st) get on Girl Scout Day Camp!!!!! i am the leader this year ----i signed up 2 days before training ,,,,waiting, waiting for someone else...alas--it is me! I need to get all the helpers signed up and figure out their paymen. We are doing a circus we'll have a magician, animal balloon clown, juggler, puppets, and then on the last day we are going to have a sort of carnival. There will be booths for fishing, face painting,popcorn, cotton candy...etc. FUN HUH?! So i need to get a little bit going and figured out.

2nd) Get on the excercise thing. i started the year off good, had a little competition, and then that fell here we are-----in APRIL!!. So this is what i am planning. This is the year of my AGE!!! (last year it was the year of ME---i really to need talk about that, it was a good one). So ok, the year of my how it goes:

How old are you? I am 35------so i will be doing 35 crunches, 35 reverse crunches, 35 lunges, 35 reverese lunges (i had spelled out lunches first---good one) and 35 min. of excercise for 5 days out of the week. Quit your fussing! really is that bad?! I am printing out a little paper to keep track. (i do much better with it that way--the guilt keeps me going!)

If you are an over acheiver you could of course add more age related items....35 sit ups, 35 squats....etc I am trying to keep it simple for me. Simple is better!! The number thing is a given----who can forget that (who wants too?! ;) and then i have 5 things to do, 5 times a week. Make sense? ( no---if you are 40 you cannot do 0 things, 0 times a week!!!! this is a stable number)

If there is anyone out there that would like to jump in with me you may. let me know.....maybe i'll have a special section on here for us aged year girls or something.

Anyone?! Bueller? Bueller?


Blogger Julie said...

Okay, so I can do the age thing--only not fair, I have to do more than you--hehehehe. Love the kitchen swap--how, when where..share!! Julie

8/4/08 9:21 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

That bird pillow cover might work on your bed! It's hard to say for sure not seeing the two together. You could take one home and see how you like it first. I also have Tons of fabric you could choose from!

8/4/08 10:20 PM  

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