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Fresh off the sewing machine!

So today while sitting around listening to the radio I got some projects done. Of course these projects would be new ones. They for sure wouldn't be ones that need to get done....ohhhhh no.
so anyways. here are a few picks.

These first two are of my Picnic Pac's. They are sold at my Etsy store. They come with a picnic blanket and 4 little napkins. They are the cutest little sets. I went to the fabric store to see if they carried any Japanese type fabric. This is really the closest i could find. They are cute though, those apple pickin girlie bears with bows!

Then there is the faded blue background squirrel fabric picnic pac. That one it too cute also.....all those little squirrels picking acorns and climbing trees.

Then we have the Hog Wash bag. This fabric has some great prints, all of them are reprints of feed sack bags. i chopped them up individually and put some cute backing that i had dyed to make it look vintagy. They are lined with the same fabric and then a red button with a loop to grab it was added. They look like mini feed sacks...too funny.

This one was bought like 5 minutes after i got it listed!!! congrats to me...but boy i was really irritated for a couple of minutes! couldn't figure it out...where did it go? What had happened to it? I thought for sure that Etsy had lost it and i had to re-enter THE WHOLE THING~~ oh after i found it in the sold area, and caught my breath, cooled down, I was happy. yay! I already have 4 more cut out and ready to be sewn (tomorrow) and put in my shop.

I am debating wether or not to join in on a Mystery Quilt going on here: It's called the Orange Crush. Here is my delima---
1) do i really have the time? okay maybe not, but who r-e-a-l-l-y does?
2) I think that is it. it's a time thing.
Because I LOVE her scrappy quilts. They are all so great, and fun! Plus just think of all the pieces of fabric i will be using up. I do need to rotate my fabric----see earlier blog about that one----

maybe tomorrow i will evaluate it again and decide then. i need to sleep on it a little longer. ZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzz.


Blogger Carin said...

Your picnic bags are adorable! I got the link to your blog from Lynette and her doves. Great job on it too.

5/4/08 10:40 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky,
Thanks for commenting on my blog. I found the table in Farmington. She also had a couch and love seat that I am kicking myself for not getting. I love the hog bags!! That fabric is so dang cute!! Where did you find it? Good job on the sale. Sew away. Julie

7/4/08 2:35 PM  

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