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Weekend Workings

On friday i got a package in the mail!!! It was my box from the Kitchen Swap. Take a look at all the stuff. I love it.

i got some new wooden spoons. Now i tell you---who doesn't need some of these after 12 years of marraige? That goes for the crocheted hot pads. you know, my grandma made me some a long time and i love them....again, time for some new ones. The brown one has teal on the back, very cute. There is one tea towel and a little larger one that is on my table with the little basket on top. Some chocolate cookies (yum,yum...already gone- i shared :) There is a tile hot pad thingie with some birds on it. I really like that. The cute apron with the seed packets on it and a nice big pocket. Fits perfect. My favorite was the little botteling jar--you can't see it very well. It has 3 fake eggs in it-speckled- with some rafia at the bottom. Then it is cealed with some cute ribbon tied at the top. I put this in my display transom. LOVE IT!!

I just love a good swap don't you?!

Here is my sneak peek of my plush swap. I think she turned out pretty cute.

After the swap is recieved i'll put in a big picture of her.
I finished quilting this on Friday. It is another one of those quilts that has been around for.....3-4 years??.... yikes! I finally put the borders on and got the quilting done. You can sort of see, i did a meander of Snowflakes.

I have one other quilt on the machine right now, i think i'll finish it tonight and post later. After this one i have 3 more that need to be quilted. I think i will finish quilting everything, then go back and do the bindings.
Anyone up to having a "binding" party in 2 weeks? I will post again with what all we will do. Maybe i'll make a prize or something. i need to get thinking on that.
For those of you who will play,
Get your .....piles ......going!!!

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Blogger Amy said...

The pocket people were the biggest hit ever! My family was asking my daughter which pocket people was her favorite and she would reply ALL OF THEM. My 3 girls have been playing with them since the minute they were opened. I'm going to try and post about them later today! Thanks again Becky!

28/4/08 9:08 AM  
Blogger Bunny said...

I think I have a few quilts that need binding. Let me know about the party so I can use th motivation.

28/4/08 5:50 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Binding? I need to do that AFTER I finish the quilting..I better hurry.....

28/4/08 7:08 PM  
Blogger Chris Salley said...

Good luck on your quilt! I believe you visited my blog and asked what I do. I work for the Girl Scouts as a program manager. you are quite a detective. it must have been my safety-wise and the brownie try-it laying on my desk. I just returned from a girl scout conference in chicago where I learned about all of the exciting resources that GSUSA is coming out with. It's going to be a crazy change but VERY cool. Yay Girl Scouts!!!!!

28/4/08 7:15 PM  

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