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Lookie what i got--

I got my 1st Japanese book in the mail today!! LOVE IT--- it has such cute things in there, with great pictures and diagrams. the language of sewing is universal----yay for all of us!

Check it out-
There are so many ideas....not sure where to start!
Here is an apron i put together for a bride's party. The theme was kitchen and we all sign it or put some smart-alec remark on it. It is a lot of fun. I used a lace table runner (cut in half) for the pocket. I left it a big one.
Well---not much to Girl Scout Meeting and then running out of there as quick as i can to my quilt meeting!!! They are having a trunk show....i am getting my "oooooohhhssss, and aaaahhhhhhsssss" ready.....

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