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I got a little side-tracked yesterday. No sewing went on here.
The problem: There was no way i was passing up $1.40 a pack of strawberries, so i made some jam!! I love how pretty bottled jars look after they are done. All the fruit looks darker and fresher...maybe it's all the sugar?!
I know, I know there is a little foam at the top....i just get that gone when i open them.

There was one bottle that didn't seal. Of course that is to the benifit of the family---it goes into the eat now pile instead of eat later. yum,yum....

I made something out of my Japanese Book!! There is a small pucker in one corner. But overall i think it turned out good. Great practice anyway.

Take a look at my covered button magnets---- They are soooo cute!!! i might have to get a few of these little gadgets and do this at a sewing party. They work up quick and are so cute. Love them!! I am so glad i won them...i would have never known.

I made this up today---- the blocks are from the count and learn or something like that Moda line. I had gotten one charm pack at a quilt meeting and went and bought another. I still have some squares left....i didn't use the flower blocks. I put them in a 4 patch and then bordered it in white. Then a 4" green border. I think i love the green!!! This works up very quick---the squares are already cut for you... gotta love that.
I think it ends up to be around 46 square. Now i just need to get the thing quilted.
I am thinking that next week i don't have any meetings, girl scouts, or any other function going on so I might, I just might go through the unfinished pile. Maybe i'll choose a few to get working on and finish them up. I'll get one loaded on the big machine and get it the hard part----not doing it, but choosing what to do.
Who wants to get finished?! Who, who, who,who........

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Blogger Carin said...

your jam looks wonderful! I like the quilt.

21/4/08 11:03 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

I gotta make jam--I usually do the freezer kind. We ate the last one Saturday and I had to buy store brand--my family is not happy--spoiled, spoiled, spoiled!!

21/4/08 10:22 PM  

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