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Oh what a lovely morning, oh what a beautiful day

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Oh what a lovely morning, oh what a beautiful day

Today was such a lovely day. After getting a few things done in the house and with the kids it was off to the craft show for me! A good friend and i took off---left the kids home with the dads-- and went to the barn craft show up in Kaysville. What a good time we had! There were lots of things to look at and buy. I really controlled myself there...good for me. Aren't you proud?!

I was a little dissapointed in the stuff though...there wasn't as much as i had dreamed it up to have. I was invisioning a huge onslaught and overcrowding of "stuff". We did hit it early and withouth a whole bunch of people there. We could go where we wanted and stare longer at the things we liked. That was a big bonus---oh + no kids!!

This is what i picked up. A little pillow hanging on a wire branch--39 cents!!! and then a Springtime stitch pattern. Each letter of the alphabet is with something-- A then an apple, B with a butterfly, ect....very cute. I already have it copied over onto muslin spelling SPRING for my door hanger, but alas---i must finish the pocket people first!!! I have most of them done....i need to finish up the princesses.

After the craft barn show we headed to another shop to find a birthday present...they were having a clearing out the old stuff sort of sale. The wreath was 2 bucks!! + the metal flower was 1 Buck---can you believe the luck?! So cute together. I was worried about that lonely hook on the front door. I had a winter berry wreath on it and since it has been down....nothing. I think this is good for the Spring and Summer (i really hate having to many seasonal things) oh...i would rather have quilts!! heehee.

I got in the mail today my winning button cover magnet set!! i am sooo excited. maybe tomorrow i will try them out. Lucky me!!

Last night was a wonderful trunk show--- you wouldn't believe how many small quilts she had! She said that she figured out the the smaller they were, the more likely they were to be finished! smart lady--- Her stuff was fun to see....i love looking at others doings. I usually sit back and say "that's not for me" when i see the difficult ones though. Good thing there are others out there who say "that's for me" and then shows it off to us.

Help wanted: i am doing a plush,softie,stuffed something trade. The person i am swapping with has a 4 year old daughter. She likes flamingos, peacocks, birds, or really whatever she said. Is there anyone out there that has any links they would like to share with me?! good ideas, cute something that might work for this trade?! I have been thinking, and thinking, and...... I usually come up with something, but i haven't been struck with that perfect thing yet. So help me if you can-----thanks


Blogger Amy said...

I know what you mean about being disappointed in that boutique. It is kindof all the same "stuff" that you see at every boutique. If you really want to see some cool and unique things, the Art Market is in May in sugarhouse, you would want to buy everything there. If you look on my sidebar I have all the info. there. Oh Sweet Sadie is another good one. There is also one called the Beehive Bazaar that is in Provo, that I get the feeling is the same way too. Anyways, we are ending up having my little girl's birthday on the 27th. I think anytime next week would work for me, so just let me know when you want to come "shop"! Fun!
Also I may have an idea for your stuffed bird trade, I have this vintage craft book with a stuffed bird in it that could be way cute, you could take a look at that too!
Wow! this is the longest comment I have ever left for anyone!
I am excited for the pocket people!
Thank you so much!

17/4/08 9:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello! I am inloved with your blog and every one of your jobs!
Sorry, but my English is not very good!

18/4/08 1:17 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

Hi it's me again! I forgot to say that my things will be at a boutique next Saturday, so any day but Saturday next week is good!
See Ya!

18/4/08 8:42 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Hey Becky,
I hit the barn after school--same thoughts. Only check out my blog for an idea I found.heeheehee. I have that spring pattern, it is also traced on muslin, sitting in a drawer, because I haven't had the stitchin' bug lately. What store did I miss? Cute wreath!!!

18/4/08 8:46 PM  

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