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Saturday Adventures

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Saturday Adventures

I went to a few garage sales today and had to show off my findings!!

I got a wool (american outfitter) sweater---this will get shrunk,felted, and then made into a softie :)

The Olive and what is his name?! oh BRUNO towel. Not sure what to do. i thought a bag---but that is VERY any ideas?! ---I should just frame it and hang it somewhere...don't you feel like that sometimes ;)

6 Little doilies in a antique greeney color. maybe pincushions or on a pillow.
2 Japanese handkercheifs--- i know, i know...i don't know what has gotten into me!

Some Brad embelishments--bugs, dragon flies.... cute

You don't see it very well, but a packaged set or white cotton towels. They are pre-printed with a house and a little saying on them. It comes with the thread and instructions. They were really cute + new!! bonus...

I just have to show off what i had gotten last week and didn't share! I found some more old sewing spools. The larger one in the basket i got last summer....yes, garage sale....the little ones are the ones i picked up last week. they fist nicely in my metal basket with the larger one.

This is what i got in the mail yesterday!!

I had done a Spring block trade at the Mary Jane's Farm There are some cute ones. Mine is the redwork block on the right ....this looks a little fuzzy doesn't it?!
This one below i think is my all time favorite!! Look how big those yo-yo's are!! The block itself is 8 1/2. I just might have to make a little quilt with all huge yo-yo flower blocks. LOVE IT!!!
Well--off to shrink a sweater and do a few chores so i can sew in a little...


Blogger smoothiejuice said...

I felted that sweater, it is a good one for shrinkng, stays extra super duper soft. Have fun with it. Thanks for a great swap at MJF!

20/4/08 6:54 AM  
Blogger Blogless me said...

I was browsing through your blog and saw your entry about shrinking and felting a sweater. I was wondering how you do that - I mean the felting, the shrinking is a no-brainer, right? I have done that on oh sooo many occasions. Thanks.

3/5/09 11:56 AM  
Blogger Whosies said...

felting is when you wash the wool sweater in hot, then cold, then hot and cold. it makes the fibers of the wool cling together. this makes it not ravel when cut! love it. hope that helps.

3/5/09 10:04 PM  

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