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Progress on the Unfinished

I thought i just would show off a few things that i have gotten done this week.

1st-- my brother and sister-in-law dropped by on monday with their 2 kids. The younger being 5 weeks old.

This is a rarity!!! TAKE A LOOK AT THAT HAIR!!! as if you couldn't--- And it is truly that strawberry blonde too. WOW..there are really no words, i have bald babies.

So she is pumping occationaly and showed up with a walmart bag with all her "Stuff" in it. i just knew that wouldn't do, so we sat and made her a bag.

I used a little tiny quilt top (just blocks really) that never got big enough and was just all wrong. It was perfect for this bag! i used batting inside to give it some sturdiness. I lined it with yellow. It turned out sooo cute. plus these really do make up quick.
2nd I quilted the learning quilt. Don't have a name yet---or a reciever. I did a meandor over the whole thing so it isn't boy or girl.

3rd-- I quilted this row quilt. It was a project last year in one of the quilt groups. a monthly row pattern. I changed a few of the rows, and really did my own thing. I think it turned out allright. Again- no name or reciever.

4th-- This baby has been around for 3-4 years. i really don't remember. It was a trade with my mother's side of the family one year. Each of us did a block, then traded. Mine is the sunflower and lady bug. I did 2 so my grandma would get one also. I of course had hers quilted and done 2 weeks after it was traded, but mine....yea. So yay for me!!! i am not sure where it will go.
5th nothing i did, I just had to show this off!! i got my second picture today from Lisa Hurwitz . I got the apron girls and then decided i just had to have the fieldtrip. She is a fantastic artist. lover her stuff. This is the family painting on the bottom. I just love it!! It matches our family perfectly. mom, dad, 2 girls, 2 boys. It is now hanging inbetween my kitchen and living room.
See the family?! It's us!!!!


Blogger Julie said...

I LOVE her hair--it is more than amazing!! You accomplish more than
any human I know. Good work, my friend.

22/4/08 9:25 PM  

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