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whosies--written whatnots: July 2008


What's your name and where is your water?

So after seeing this for a little bit longer than i would really like:
ok,ok the big glass one is mine...i admit it....

I decided to take someone elses idea, and make some labels for Water Bottles!! They are refillable, and easy to grab on the go too.

We used Shrinki Dinks for the little charms dangling off of the bottles.

I did the names and then asked each one what they would like to make. Then i drew the outlines in black sharpie and they colored them in. Let's see there was a lady bug, flower, heart, doll, giraffe, skateboard, snake, dragon, duck, frog, and butterfly. Such an assortment!

What concentration, such good colorers...


And After again with the jute string attachments.
Aren't they just perfect? Everyone is sooo happy with how they hung them and how they colored has been the talk of the evening!

Hoping this might help the cup far so good.

Well, i decided that since i wrote up the pattern of the Pixie Doll that i should try it out.
So this afternoon i did.
This is what i ended up with: (sorry the picture is a little evening dark...yellowish...eeewww, oh and maybe a weee bit fuzzy too)

I think i might call her "Tabitha" hee hee (after my honey tab) :)

I did one thing different. I put some undies on her. I thought that might be a little cute with matching the dress and all. yeah, it is..... just had to add.....notice the fabric? again, i know, but it is so darn cute!! promise my next project will use something different.
I however in my rush or spaceyness, or whatever i didn't add her ponies at the right time. Soooooo she had a pretty plain head when i pulled her right sides out. I believe though that many cute things come from forgetfullnes!! I sewed some strips of fabric (same as the bangs) and then hand sewed them to her head at the seam. Then i put the little ribbon knots on.
I also put some flower buttons on the dress at the shoulders.

For some reason or another her head is never perfect either. I must have a hard time following my own drawn lines!
I guess this, you might say,
that is what gives her personality.
she is never the same each time.
She is ever the evolver of your own mind!
i love that!

For those who have subscribed to be a tester i have one more hint: use a small stitch. Something like a 2- 2 1/4. that way the stuffing and seams don't show as much.

If there are any more "takers" on that let me know!

Now, where is my cup???

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Scrappy Happy + PIXIE PATTERN

I have thought about it, mulled it over, contemplated, debated, and finally just gave up. If I wasn't happy, or a little hmmmm about what i made...then isn't what i should send. Therefore I am happy to introduce everyone to the NEW scrappy Mini Quilt. I dug deep through my drawers of little scraps and i found some 1/2 square trianges. Sewed them together, made hour glasses with them all and look what i did!!
I decided it was a little busy, so i bordered the center 4 and then added the second border around it all. Sometimes i get too hung up on making it more cemetrical, or whatever. I have a hard time just going with the flow and letting it be busy.

So what do you think? better than the 1st? Well, just different. more scrappy....please? I got it backed and all quilted. Just need to add the label on the back. This was kind of fun.

I did the quilting on my regular machine. It was really pretty nice. I have a lot of control that way. It is small and that might be what is nice about too. I do like using the big girl, but for this small of a project no way.

Look what i got in return all ready:

That is the front.... It is very Denise Shmidt to me. Fun shiny, glossy, rough, smooth, textured fabrics. bunch of fun.

you'll never guess what she named it......

The label says "intentional Wonkiness" LOve It! by the Mad One...heee heee

Oh, the mad one also included a little pile of squares big and small to add to my collection of others fabrics. Maybe after i am done collecting them i will make a scrappy big quilt.

I will have to consult Quiltville for a scrappy, go with the flow, don't worry about rules kind of quilt.

There was an inquiry on the Pixie Girl Pattern!!! thanks for remembering!! Today i spent a little time, hopefully finishing up the pattern. It is now finished and scanned and ready for some trials! If you would like to take the pattern for a test drive please leave a comment. i will give out like 3, 4, or maybe even 5.
I sort of copied the style of pattern from Black Apple. She did hers real basic and simple. I loved it. It is in Adobe reader Format and should be easy to print off. I will include a few pictures also. Please review the rules prior to submitting a comment.
Rules for testing :
1) you need to make a pixie. No hoarding the pattern and never producing! Promise??! Please make it in a reasonable time also. No 6 months later stuff.
2) you need to email me some feeback on this! I need the help i am sure....give me some tips, hints, something you would add too, hated it....whatever... i don't think you will though---hate it.
3) you need to post a picture about it and give me credit! If all goes well i will sell them in my Etsy shop so spreading the word would be helpful. thanks in advance. :)
4) You promise to not copy and produce your own patterns to sell. thank you .....again.
i think that just about does it......

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Spread'N the Love ......of Sewing

Here are my 200 6" squares all ready to go. Rolled and wrapped together in 10 little piles. They will be mailed, dispersed to 10 others, and then i will get in return 10 piles of 20 squares of different fabrics!!! This is a collection of sheets + vintage looking fabrics.
I love collecting others fabrics.

Peek at the little sewing kit all put together and ready to go:

Little bag to tote all the goodies around....can't believe how EASY this one was!! might make some more of these babies! Thanks to those Japanese Sewing Books for that pattern.
I am sending the pattern from Black Apple to make a doll + everything she needs to make it. The felt hair, muslin face, a variety of fabric for legs, arms, body....Plus a bunch of buttons for eyes, embelishments, whatever and some lace and ric-rac. Recognize the fabric?! Thanks grandma for that great sheet....waaayyyy cute!

Needle Case to hold all the "pokies":

Pin cushion for all the "pokies" being used at the moment. Sending some cute flower flat heads with it and sewing needles along for the ride. I filled it with crushed walnut shells and look at the center button----hmmmmmm i made it with the little button cover kit i won way back!!! yay!!!

All-in-all I think this turned out cute!! I am excited to see what kind of kit she gets in the mail :)

Here's to making some one new and young get hooked on sewing !)

p.s.- thanks for the help on the scrappy thing....still thinking....running out of time....hmmm.....

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Scrappy Enough??

I need some help/opinion with something.
I had signed up for a scrappy little quilt swap (see side panel)..... i went digging through my drawer with extra/leftover blocks, ect..... and found these 4 blocks.

I sashed them and then thought they were too plain, so i added the ric-rac vine + some leaves and a flower. then thinking everything was a little to bright and stark: see it? too bright huh?! that's what i thought...

I decided to give it a bath in some Tan Rit Dye.
Here it is now:
Much better don't you think?! I do...... But here is what i am having issues with. Is it Scrappy enough? I am getting rid of some blocks and you know whatever.....but it is a scrappy exchange. What do you gals think?! Any opinions?
I will show it off after i get the quilting done on it. Right now it is around 18" square.
So whatcha think?
On a different note. Spent a morning hour ith Grandma. Doing the basics, making boxes, moving others around, labeling like 2 and taking what i would like. :)
So this is what i got:
2 cute sheets, a "lovely" briefcase (she thought i needed that one)---check out the interior of this baby. W-O-W!!
Then i took her jewelry she wasn't taking with her. She is a clip-on earing gal. There are many a sparkly things.....this is great for dress up or playing with.
I also took a stained glass of wheat that she made. I would like to hang it in my window in the kitchen, but it keeps falling off. Need to work on that.
I am currenly working on a sewing kit for a trade too. It is turning out sooooo cute. I will post it when i have finished with everything. I used the pink/yellow flower pattern sheet from grandmas + some vintage buttons. So far i have a pin-cushion, little bag, needle case... i am going to put a few kits to make together....maybe a stuffed animal, x-stitch something with her name... any other suggestions?
Back to the opinion.
Maybe So?
Let me Know!

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Change is good...

Do you like?
I thought i would change just a bit.....I sort of get ants in my pants and then something needs to change. Usually it is the furniture in the living room (a friend says that every time she comes over it is different...whatever...) so here we go...the blog.
I still need to maybe work up a little better title top bar (whatever it is called, you know what i'm talking about)

Now, let's talk about change in the pocket. I use this stuff for garage sales (sometimes it is bigger bill change) but none the less....change. Today, nothing much at the sales. The normal- junk, furniture no one wants, toys--we have waaay tooooo many, over priced items, ...but alas....there was a nice lady with:
*trampoline for $75 great shape, with the pad + a pool ladder to get up for the little ones.
(we have a mini tramp (half the heigth) but the oldest is getting just a little old for that) Came home, set it up and voila---perfect for everyone!
*(this is the best one) PERENIALS for 25 CENTS!!!!! yay!!!! I love it when others like to share in thier green thumb ....spread the green goodness baby!
So of course i spent $4 and got what...16 plants?
There were like 6 LILIES and then succulant ground covers, other purple flowery ones she didn't know the name of, and lambs ear.

So I of course donned the big grass hat (has a little it is sort of cute) and an apron to hold tools and wipe my dirty hands on, cleaned out the grass that wants sooooo much to be in the pretty flower bed, and planted my new plants. I think they will be happy here.

By the way...the ones i dug up for free , like 3 weeks ago, are making a come back. They have survived the shock and are looking gooooooood. (plus we were gone for 7 days and the neighbor gal watered them very well)


Who You callin' a fat quarter?

I have waited for a few days (the whole trip) for this fat quarter to arrive!! Need i say more?

This is from the greatest fabric printer EVER!! Go take a look. Here is Aunty Cookies blog and then you can peek at her etsy shop. Ohhhhhh soooooo cutttttte. Maybe even buy a little something for yourself. Tell all if you do.
Whipped up these two guys today for our neighbors. They took care of the bird, chickens, duck, fish (2 little tanks) + cat for us while we were gone. oh wait, i forgot the garden, the grass + the little burm on the west side with new plants in it. boy that was a lot!! so, i made some cupcakes and did these 2 little guys for the twins. They are such good helpers and just turned 2. oh they are cute. They always run out of the house yelling (nicely) "no-no chickens".
This here is a little project we did today. got the idea and instructions from Whimsey Love. Check out what else she has done with them. i need more crayons!
i am not sure what happened though. i think i needed to stir them. they still had some solid ones in the middle of them and i think that is what made them crack. or, they cooled in the freezer to quick.....not sure which....
they break easily at the cracks, so now there are little pieces again.....
hmmmmmm...need to cook them again.


1 Extra Holiday per year

This is the swap!! it was waiting for me when we pulled back into town. Check all those babies out!!! What to do.........hmmmm.... i can feel a sewing day announcement coming on again!!!

Look at that assortment and colors, and patterns and .....everything!!!
I am jumping ahead just a bit. Haven't gone through the photos and decided which to share. Sooooo I am giving a glimpse of what we did today.
Now, living in Utah you are subject to 1 extra holiday each year!! That would be the 24th of July. Pioneer day!! There are parades, parties, park gatherings and rides, and ohhhh so much more!!!!

Check out the family......waiting for the 1st float to arrive!

This happened to be our view for a good 10 minutes. This cart guy made a bundle!! Oh, don't miss the paper mache Obama guy in the background.....looks lost in a republican state.

This is what it is alllllll about. Thanks to those pioneers who walked, and walked, and walked, and walked.....

I think it is a rule that you should know at least one person in the parade? right?!

This is our 1: My brother. Yup, the clown....yup, the fireman clown...yup, BOOTS!!

Isn't he just "FAB?"

I think they snuck that little road runner bird on the top just for me!! hee, hee... gives me the giggles.

Take a look at what peanut snagged from the tree this big claw was thrown into!!! RARRRR

There was at one point a little panic..... peanut went missing. she was last seen lounging on the arm of the chair, and then.....gone........5 minutes later she was spotted in the neighbors area, suspicous. i didn't ask questions, i just tucked her into the front pocket for the rest of the parade.


Here are the monkeys eating some ever sticky, but yummy pink sugar loaded cotton candy!! what carnival doesn't have this nutritious stuff? once a year is good for me!

Last, but not least to the most fabulous day:

Each had to take a ride on the horse: such professional rodeo-ers!!


I have Returned!

We are back!!!!!! We survived 7 days in a Winabago with family!!!
We saw all there was to see, plus i am sure some extra. After viewing that many things, and mountains i am now surrounded by my own mountains. Mountains of laundry, snacks, toys, books, magazines, leftovers, lost items, postcards, purchases and whatever else that can be put into a "pile".

I will post later with additional photos.

Tomarrow we are going to the ogden parade in the morning with my family....and then to grandma/pa's house for some sprinkling and barbaque......nice to sit and chat and not worry about the mountains surrounding me. (i am hoping i will get them conquered by the end of today)

Stay tuned for more pictures, some blah...blah....and a little peanut gallery.


On The Road Again

I can't wait to get on the road again...

Off we go to Mt. Rushmore!!! Wish me luck, joy, happiness, patience, and endurance!!!

We will be traveling along the Interstates and Freeways towards our destination : The 4 heads (as the kids say).

We have some stowaways that will be coming with us:

They are the new additions to the Square Pegs I made earlier for the kids. I added some bows and buttons to the girls--cuter :)

Now all the little ones have someone to drag along and take pictures of and snuggle with.

One more thing before i left though i wanted everyone to jump on over to Old Red Barn for her Quilt Give away. she also has a 2nd and 3rd place winner wooooohoooo!!! Even Better. Check it out. Way cute. Love it, Want it....

I have the banner on the side bar also to click and take a look later too. Just in case.
Well---i guess that's it. Until we Meet again!! Have a great week.

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Potatoe, Potato

i know, posting twice in one day...but i will be gone wednesday and won't post for a little, plus i missed some days. i feel like i need to make them up. i missed it!! finally i have enough energy to picture, post and peek at everyone else's stuff.

I had joined a little critter swap ( i know, i just can't get enough!!) and sent my little bird off to her new home--texas. I did recieve mine!! All the way from New Zealand... yay.

The pretty bird was wrapped in a hankie + a lovely large chocolate crunch bar --yum-- + a bundle of cute fabric + a little crocheted heart on a string with yummy smelly in it, sachet, + a baggie of goodies....ribbon, buttons, embelishments (did i miss anything?)

Here she is up close: Check out her little feet. fancy. Ruth did a great job on it with the swirly embroidery too. just lovely. Check out her blog to see the birds best friend. She stayed in New Zealand with her mother Ruth.
It will of course take residence upon the shelf of my goodies!!
Thanks Ruth--love it, her, and all the rest too..

Here is what i did today:
I thought the kids have a digital camera that they share..just got them a sim card so they can take more than 10 pictures--now 700!! that might get me into trouble. anyways...They of course would now need a little camera bag to tote it around in!! of course....
This is what i came up with. The top of the bag has a large piece of velcro across it so nothing can slip out. (a fore thought of swinging danger) I lined it with some thinner hobbs batting. The jean material if from some pants i cut down and made into capri pants. I hope it isn't toooooo girly so the boys don't mind taking a turn too. There is a red button at the end of the strap where it is sewn to the bag.

After completing that and saying "that is pretty darn cute" I of course would make me one too, of course.
So here is mine!!!

It definitly needed to have a little bird on the front (one girl says a fish, one boy says a shark---potatoe , potato--what do you think?)
i think i will have to stitch some wings on it or something.
I put a flap across the top of mine with velcro across it (it is peeking out). Again, leftover jean parts + lined it with the blue flower sheet. The strap is like the kids, jean folded over + some cute ribbon. I put a pocket on the inside of mine also. I might have done some things different, but the camera fits (it's a fat one) and it will work just fine.
Now i can be hands free when walking and sight seeing this next week. Plus look cute.

Both were really farely easy ( i think i have it down now). Might have to sell a few. hmmmm.

Everyone is I am sure thinking 'why isn't this crazy girl packing?' Well---i'll tell ya....
Yah, we're leaving wednesday morning, yah there are 11 of us, yah we need lots of stuff....but we have made no reservations for staying the before you call me crazy, again, let me explain:
in the wonderful country of ours there are wonderful stores that allow you to park in thier parking lot over night. We are 11 cheapskates (well, at least 2 of us are --the moms) and we have decided to take up that invitation!! We will be staying at walmart and flying J's. Now what could be better than staying in the parking lot of a major store that carries everything one would need? (ok, that would be flying j---so we can use the dumping station :) what a lovely combination!! We wouldn't be carying around a map of streets....oh no, we have a map with highlighted free stops!!!
So really with that advantage, i really am at a loss at what else i can do. If we forget, we go shop. Not too bad of an option. (plus we are spending all of our "spending money" on that gas that seems to be rising again.)
We might even try having the kids sell lemonade, we should have a barbaque night too and sell it.
Let's see how much we can make on our trip.
Much to the shagrin of our honeys i am sure.

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