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whosies--written whatnots: June 2009



Despite the fact that Girl Scout Day Camp is on MONDAY----I am still flitting around the house doing....not much.

Today was a birthday party for some cousins and so i made some bags for them. One camoflauge messenger bag for a scout 8 years old, and one shoulder bag for a 10 year old girl.

I used the messenger kid sized bag pattern for them both.

I didn't have enough time for the flap and used fusible fleece in between to give it some substance. I am pleasantly surprised at how versatile the bag pattern is. same size, just no flap. Pretty slick don't ya think? I think. I added the addition to the pattern just in case someone else might need just a bit of difference.

Love the fabric!

Off is go to do some more flittering......

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Play along winner

Thanks for playing along girls. it was a lot of fun to snoop in everyones side tables.....wasn't it?! The play along was fun. i think i might have another one. Sometime. Don't know when it will hit me. or you :)

Now for the winner.
I went with the one most like my own. That would be .......

She has the biggest mess...take a look at all that stuff. i say that in a nice way of a way that only i can understand since that is most definitly how mine looks. I had to clear away the sewing bags in front of it before i could take my picture. I should have left them there. That would have scared people though, so i spared you.

Thanks Mandy for taking a chance and letting us all snoop and for playing along!! Let me know what you would like and it is yours!! 2 patterns for you + boy or girl for the summer traveler guy + i need your address and good stuff so you can get it all. email me.... bekntab4(at)yahoo(dot)com

That's it for the winners today.....there was a deadline for the Cranky Quilt Picture posts too....nobody the deadline went, dead. just like ken---

i found him like this. promise...look a dragon fly on his back. poor ken.

I will keep those little goodies and combine them for next month---last month block!!!! Catch up and win the double bootie. Flickr here. I am thinking i need to add a few pictures too. ooops. i can't even follow my own rules. don't tell.

As promised a Pattern Release today


Click on picture to get it BIG

It does have some paper piecing in there--the mushrooms and gnome. Not too much. The rest is simple background blocks used as spacers. It of course has pictures in the pattern to help you along the paper piecing process and a layout for piecing the center of the quilt.

A bit of closer views:

Those green polkas are a little hard to photograph. uugghh.
A bit more info:
* baby size at 47X 47 inches
* uses
-- 2 yards background
-- 1 1/2 yards stripe
-- various fat quarters
Of course it would be available at the shop.
A peak at the quilting on the back. it was a fun one.

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String around your finger

That is to remind you to PLAY ALONG by Sunday Night--whenever.....and Come back on Monday for a WINNER!! Go and take a look at all the players stuff. There is some good ones out there. Thanks for playing everyone!! I'm a garage saler--- i love to look and snoop in others stuff. don't you? hee hee..

Plus---I have been finishing up a new pattern ---coming out monday too.........there are already hints being dropped. Pay attention girls.

Lookie what i got today at Garage sales!!! 25 cents a yard on the back pile...weee. a little box of ric-rac, binding, and cording, another roll of cute little tiny blue loops bottom hem tape. (There is a ton! i might have to share some of that.) another nice pile of 25 cent fabric fat quarters---a great christmas collection don't ya think? + a cute hand embroidered table runner. That should help with keeping things cheap for the fabric addict?!

Happy weekend and stitching to all!!

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If you drive by the house yesterday you would have heard some humming......
the honey's humming-----sprinkler trench digger. It's named the Dingo.

no, that is not a pony tail :)
Yes- it's my garden hat.

looks like i got a gopher problem now...

the sewer's humming-----the sewing machine both the small and big. They need names don't they?

a little pouch for a swap next week at quilt group.

Round Robin Block for June --finished!
*nice shadow of me in the corner :(*

It feels good to make some noise. Finally.
side note that has nothing to do with anything. Quiet moment for Mr....A,B,C. that's right. Mr. Thriller....admit it...everyone liked that guy- well, his music....even if our name isn't billy jean or diana or Weird Al.

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Cheer-ie Up

(ok. so that is a little on the corny side :)

I took extra vitamins and i'm com'in alive! I can feel it!! Plus- thanks for those comments everyone left.You know. The ones that said everything will be ok. It will all work out. Yup, I have days like that too....oh...wait there was NONE!!! I am alone-- I guess that is why i have 58 followers and not 'commenters'. anyways. that's all right. we can't all comment at once. i know--you are waiting for the perfect time, place, and post. I am too.
The Cherry trees-2- are in producing time and of course we have to beat the birds to the best ones.....which are at the top of the tree. Why is that?

What to do with all those cherries?
Follow this recipe: Easy enough
Photo Process:

Wash and pit (use a soda straw. perfect every time)
Coat and mix
Dump on top of other mixings
Bake and of course EAT
Yum, Yum, Yum,
Made it twice. Perfect each time.
Double Yum.
Just Because:
this is the 5 1/2 year old Eliza's doing. She took this literaly. She wanted to add water, i said that won't work. it is just for know...just a girl scout SWAP. But that wouldn't do. She said ok, then i need glue. So this is what you do when you Glue the Swap that is a instant snowman kit together:

She loves it. It kept her busy for a bit.

Both of us........Happy.

**Don't forget to PLAY ALONG**




Time....why is it so hard to find?
I find that when i get a schedule down and things are going 'smooth' things change. Our schedule changes-- our needs, wants, or whatever else that ticks our time away has to be tweeked.

So here i am trying to tweek...yet again.
The last 2 weeks---camping was the priority.
The next 2 weeks---Girl Scout day camp will be the priority.
Somewhere in between i will find my own time...Please?! (said in a whiney, whispy voice)

The last 2 days i have been dead. Dead to the world, dead to the sewing room, dead to myself. Do you have days like that? I have felt emotionally spent. Drained. At the bottom of whatever well i was bucketing from.

Today-- much better, a brighter day. I am not feeling bogged down by camping leftovers, life leftovers, and whatever else that has been left-over on me.

Second day of starting a new schedule and making the kids help stick to it (that is harder than making the schedule let me tell you).

I most definitly have a few things in the mix....even if it is just mixing in my mind still. Maybe i'll get around to quilting a quilt, finishing up some little gifts for swaps, and moving beyond the couch area to the sewing area.

Times a Tick'n
Here is Raggedy Ann. She was for the second trade i signed up for :) love the doll ones right now! She went to Aunt Pitty Pat's home to live. She was sooo excited, but a bit worried about traveling alone, so i made her a little snuggle bear.
I think i am in love with doing one of a kind dolls. They each have their own personalities that you find on your own. What color should the dress be? What kind of Fru-Fru should be on it? Lacey? Plain? Something extra special? Shoes? Hair Style? Face expressions? Little friends? It really is quite a delight to do them. I have a feeling there will be some more.....
ok, ok...tick tock.....i know time is wasting while i babble!!.....tick, tick...

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What the?.......
Talk about CRANKY!!!!
Did you all come and check on Thursday? Did you find the same post as wednesday? Did you get Cranky?
Did you come back on Friday and check again???? More Cranky????

I am soooooo sorry!!! I had the post to post and then i must not have pushed the button...publish post!!!!

OHHHHHHH What a HORRIBLE WEEKEND......Oh what a HORRIBLE DAY!!! I can't seem to get it POSTED.........NOTHING IS GOING MY WAY.....I know that isn't how that is sung, but it was -----i just know it.

So i pushed publish post on Sunday and then that means that you won't have enough time to make it and post it in flickr and win....... what to do, what to do.....
How about a little extention...would you like that? will that work? does that help anyone out? anyone....anyone? Ferris?....Bueller? Bueller?....ok i got stuck there in movie land again.
So what do you need one week? will that work? Let me check my looks good. one week from today. Sunday the 28th of June. Hey that is the same day as the Play Along. So far i have one player and she is the winner. Are you going to let her just have the prize? Maybe she is crossing her fingers for that one. Share it...we can handle it.
So please forgive me....i won't ever do that again. Will you still sew along? I would love those pictures loaded up on the flickr group for everyone to see and love too. don't flickr? email me. bekntab4(at)yahoo(dot)com

I promise to play nice

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Honeys day

today it the big day for all the honeys in the world........Father's day.
We didn't have much time this morning for anything, so this after noon -4 ish, after church and all that jazz we had waffles, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns. Then the pass out of presents. The typical shirt and wallet of course :) But in my defense, the wallet is MUCH needed, since the one honey has been using was literaly falling apart....and i don't sew leather girls. He also got his dad you rock present from Jerika...a pet rock. hee hee
He is a good father. He loves to hold the kids and show them lots of love. (I feel a little clausterphobic when i snuggle with them). He shows them dad stuff and loves to be a teacher of building, golf, around the world, and anything else. He also puts up with me doing all my little extras. He helps with the kids---as long as dinner is ready, and maybe a movie set up for them too :) I am a lucky one. I know some other girls who can't get away with this kind of behavior. Lucky me.
Right now---he is enjoying his favorite dad time.....of course that would be sleeping.

Don't tell him i told you ;)

Hope everyone is having a

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Girls can Camp too!!

just a few pics from camping this weekend with the girl scouts. I heard the total was around 700 girls and 100 leaders, moms, helpers. I am soooo lucky i just have 100 coming and it is for 3 days and not over night!
There was one girl who didn't come so i took my little Eliza with us. She is a Daisy and was the youngest, but loves to hang onto the older ones. Good thing they are resipracatory of that love.



the walk from the 'meadow' where we camped to the big lodge was a good 10 minute downhill
walk. let's not speak of how long the return was, only that there was many returns. burn it, burn it.....
we had a bit of time on our own. so we did fathers day you rock gifts, a scavenger hunt, and hair flower clips--cute stuff.
more craft'n
this was the crafts that everyone did together. you can pick and choose and wander around finding new things to do. the girls loved being in charge of their own time and choosing for themselves what they wanted to do.
this is 'trefoil ranch' it is quite an awesome building and the whole camp is just fun!!! loved it.
Here are a few complaints.....
*beans for 2 nights in a row (they did the dinners) :(
*rain the whole morning of pack up and leaving double :( :(
I think that is all i have to complain about. Over all the experience was wonderful. The girls are such good ones. i am a lucky leader. They are respectful, mindful, and thoughtful of others. They don't give me any guff and do what they are told---for the most part. It was a wonderful camp for everyone and let me tell you......girls know how to camp!



CrAnKy qUiLt FrIeNdShIp BlOcK

Cranky Friendship Star Block

Per Block:
4 2 ½ X 2 ½ " squares -background
2 3 ½ X 5 ½ " rectangle- background
2 3 ½ X 5 ½ " rectangle- color fabric
1 4 ½ X 4 ½ " square- color fabric
You will be making 8 blocks total.
Their size will be around 8 ½ X 8 ½ square before sewing them into a strip.
Piecing Instructions:
*These instructions are per block. Repeat them until you have completed the 8 blocks necessary for your project.
1) Grab 1 background 3 ½ X 5 ½ " rectangle- background and 3 ½ X 5 ½ " rectangle- color fabric

2) Lay All Pieces
1 backgrounds, and 1 pattered on top of each other.
Make sure the sides are all lined up nicely. This is the only way you can get the star to be spinning in one direction.....otherwise they will be super cranky spinners.

3) Lay your ruler on top of the pile from corner to corner.

4) Take one background and one colored piece and put them right sides together along the cut edge. Make sure that a tip is peeking out from the edge. Sew along this edge. Repeat with other piece.

5) Trim these pieces to 2 ½ X 4 ½ ". Remember these are cranky. The points might be cut off. It’s ok. :) don't get all cranky.

6) Take the pieces and lay out the block.

7) Sew the top, middle, and bottom pieces together.

8) Sew the block 3 pieces together. See isn't that easy? Not too Cranky was it?

9) Repeat this process until you have 8 completed blocks.
10) Sew them in a row.

See the green one? It is SUPER CRANKY!! It is turning the wrong direction!!! Want to do that on your own? Cut the diagonal the OTHER way!!---i think that works???
Check out last months blocks from the quilt group:

Is there anyone out there playing along? If you are Load those pictures up to FLickr or send them to me email ---bekntab4(at)yahoo(dot)com and i will send them the group for you!! You will be put into the drawing!! Due Date: Monday the 22nd June.
The Winner will recieve a nice little pack of Quilt Connection by Kansas Troubles. Good stuff sized just right at 4 inch by 4 inch by 1 inch stacked. not counting the number again. Catch up and win!! All the previous blocks are on the right side with links...follow them.

See what Amy did with the winnings of last month----Cute stuff!!

**p.s.--i think someone sent me an email with a pic and i deleted it! yikes. waaaaa. i'm sorry about that. i don't even play nice when i do play do i? my bad. send it over again and i'll take a peek....was it for the PLAY ALONG side table? Let me know** If there are any others sending me a pic put 'side table' on the i know it's not something naughty** thanks**