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whosies--written whatnots: April 2009


I can see Clearly Now

Do you see? did you notice the grey sky gone?
Things are looking up..... at least brighter, nicer, not so big--ger

Nice new screen.....look at all that counter space i was missing! you don't feel clausterphobic when walking next to the computer desk in the hallway. woooooppppeeee!!! don't look at that clutter.

Here's to Neighbor love--

splitting a box of frozen chocolate chunk cookies 570 of them between us. m.m. and m some more

2 old lady neighbors wandering the neighborhood with arms full of Rhubarb. thank you.

Rhubarb Pie

of course i burnt the merainge. i am a sewer not a cooker!

Leftover Crispy Crust with cinnamon and sugar


Pocket People and Carrier Pattern



I have been making these for about a year and have decided it was time to get them into a pattern. I have had many ideas for a little carrier---roll it like the crayon roll, make a little bag, but then someone suggested a little house...oh yea. So now that they are together and make the perfect pair why not share? Of course there would be a charge. I can't give them all away....but all my patterns are $5.00

The pattern includes:
* Tutorial style instructions for the carrier.
* Pictures are included to help along
* Patterns for 4 different carriers-- barn, cottage, church, and tree house
* Pattern for pocket people
* Additional picture of pocket people for ideas
* PDF form. Easy to download and sew!

Pocket People are about 4" tall and the house is 12" long when opened up and around 7" tall- the the center peak.
Got a favorite childrens book, poem,or story? These are the perfect additions. Make them to match whatever you have and include it in a present, or just to keep for yourself.

Outside pic of Barn -bottom, and cottage - top

Outside pic of treehouse- bottom, and church - top:

Inside with the pocket people tucked into the pockets

Quick and Simple Tie edge:

Size of Pocket People in the hand of the 5 year old:

They are kidney bean in shape and fit perfectly in little ones hands. They are soft too- perfect for that "pounder" when they play. easy on the walls and furniture. Let's see, what ones have i made? dragon, princess, prince, farmer, cat, dog, pig, mouse, penguin, mermaid, cow, owl, twins, tinkerbell, wendy, peterpan, butterfly, snail, turtle, lady bug, batman, robin, cowboy, indian, wolf, grandma, red riding hood, raggedy ann and andy, rudolf, mary, joseph, baby jesus, snowman, santa clause--oh, wouldn't a 'workshop' be cute?, mrs clause, elf, bunny, chicks, They are sooo much fun aren't they?! oh, how about a sleeper for church? hee hee.

You want to make some don't you? are your brain juices going? do you have other ideas? share them, of course. Tempt us with your goodies.
- POP on over to the shop and get yourself the pattern and sew away!!

just because...some pics from the camera snatcher:


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Pocket People stitchery

Pocket People Stitched.....still takes time.
Tomorrow I will be releasing the Pocket People Pattern ONLINE!!!
I have added a few things---like a carrier...mmmmm...4 different designs.
Everyone needs little accessories for little people don't they?
Drop on by for a preview and maybe a purchase
Until then:
Update in the STORE
Smappy Babies with Little Smaps and Slings

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I am a Head Bander

My hair has been growing...and growing...and growing. anyone else out there with weed hair?
I have really had short hair for a long time now and so longer hair is something new. i haven't ventured out to different 'doos' but i have admired these headbands. i love them. all fabric, no pinching plastic thingie and take a look at the cute bunchy flower. love it. so i tried it on, and i think that i am a head bander now. i can do it.

Jealousy is not a good thing to have so here is the link if you would like your own... Here name is Annie. She does some fantastic stuff. oh, i just looked and she doesn't have anything listed. well, now you'll have to add patience with the jealousy.

This week i am thinking i would love to get a lot of sewing done. Anyone else thinking that too? Why is it easier to plan than to actually do?

Hopefully do is something that gets done... are ya with me?



Summer Travelers TUTORIAL

These little guys are around 9" tall. They are perfect to snuggle with, laugh with, and to show the world too. They love to be tucked into bags, blankets, suitcases, and little people arms. They find the world facinating and want to see and experience it all.
Pick your fabrics:
6 X15 inch piece of Fleece, or anything else soft
6 X 15 inch piece of cotton or whatever else you would like to use
Print your Pattern:

Transfer your pattern:
Cut out the printed pattern and lay on the RIGHT SIDES of the fabric and trace. The edges will fray and make them fuzzy and cute. You will need to do this for the body, ears--choose just one kind per little guy, arms and legs.

Sewing Arm and Legs:
Lay the cotton fabric RIGHT SIDES UP on top of the fleece fabric. You want to make sure that the fleece stretch is going up and down. You want it to stretch long and skinny, not short and fat.
Now you need to sew on the drawn lines. This will keep you straight and nice.


Now cut all the pieces out just under a 1/4 inch outside of the sewn line. This area will fray. Make sure you aren't too close to the seam line. It is easier too to cut out with the cotton on the bottom. It won't shift while cutting. no funky edges.

On the right side of the fabric you can add a belly. I used a piece of the fleece. I fussy cut the little spiral thingie. Sew this to the front along the edge. Cut your fleece for the back of the body 6 X 5 1/2" with the stretch going up and down the 6" length. Here are all your pieces and parts:

ONLY the legs. Just a bit. Not too much, not too little. Leave a little space at the top. This will make it much easier to sew into the body later. Believe me.

Pinch and Pin:
Pinch the ears just a bit and before pinning in place.

Pin the ears, and arms onto the front piece of the traveler.

Pin again:
Pin the front to the back fleece piece. Notice that the fleece is not cut to shape. It will stretch and move just a bit. Perfect for getting everything just right.

Sewing again:
Sew around the body edge 1/4 inch inside. Watch those pins!! There will be a few parts that are fat and chunky and hard to get through. Just keep going.

Take your pins out and then turn it right sides out. I know i am not having you clip it yet...hold on. You want to make sure that the ears and arms are all sewn in perfect. Nothing should be loose, or dangeling, or sewn into the other side seam. Everything ok? Then pop it all back in and trim around the seam.

Look how cute:
Now stuff it.

Pinning again, again:
Stick the legs in place and PIN. These legs love to run away and move. They are little guys and little guys are wiggle worms, so pin those in.

*That doesn't look to comfortable, does it?*
Sewing again, again and again:
Sew right across this bottom. 1/4 inch is perfect. Then turn over and make sure you got both front and back sides. Then sew across it again.

Trim it:
Bend the legs down and trim this just past the stitching. There is large and small parts of fabric everywhere. Even them all out. Make their bum cute people. People will be looking at them!

Face Please:
They would love to have a face either stitched on or use button for thier eyes, red pucker lips, a crooked sneaky smile, starry eyes, eyelashes...whatever you think this little guy/gal needs.

Admire Again:

Make More:
Make sure you make one per child. They all want their own! And they don't like to share! And they won't fight while you are on vacation! Have fun... oh, and i would love it if you shared them too!!
Flickr it baby!

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I am so glad that the weather is warming up. I love spring. not too hot, not too cold....but boy am i white. the hibernating winter does that to me. I am suprised that all that hot cocoa i drank during the winter hasn't tinted my skin. too bad.

Time to break out the tanning cream.

Does this mean less sewing for me? What? Never!

I finished quilting this one for a gal in my neighborhood. I usually don't quilt for others, but she is a mom to one of my girl scouts and so i thought...ok. Here it is. Pretty basic quilt but great pictures in there. This is for her mother and father for their anniversary in june. So fun. simple meander with a few leaves and words...names, dates, love, family.. you know mushy stuff.

I am working on a tutorial for the 'Travelers' I decided to share. It is hard to share things...even when you are in your 30's. Technically that should be late 30's since i passed the halfway mark this year. I was thinking of doing this later, but come on who has time 2 days before leaving the home to work on a traveler for the kids. ok. that would be me...but i will spare you the procrastination. So come back tomorrow.....and take a peak.

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I can see Clearly now...

well, sort of. That is why the background is grey now. i am in the grey zone. we have this monster of a moniter set up right now. Serious. Didn't realize how large it really was. It goes from the back to the edge of the desk. Plus, to make it extra special it has sort of a rounded screen, so everything is a little bit big, i guess. I can't find things, i am dissoriented as to where things are on the screen. Change is hard. It will take awhile to get used to...or maybe we should just spend a bit and get something that fits the space and isn't screaming in my face big letters. geeze.

This is what we woke up to today:

there are actually 3 and they spent most of the morning roaming, and sleeping, and laying under one of the trees in the back. they are so funny. the chickens get closer than anyone. They share the same grazing grass area. Maybe they even fight for over the winter apple goooo too.

Over the weekend i got:

Garage sale goodies. yup, feed sacks (white with printed words), buttons, some hankies, a couple of vintage table clothes, some crochet lace, and a large pieces of nice, good fabric and a couple yards of fusible fleece. good stuff i know.
Some goodies in the mail:

Lynette Anderson sent me some patterns! i won a twitter drawing. Very cute, Very fun. can't decide which to do...decisions.
Speaking of decisions. How about a winner?
It seems that the one that will win is Fairy Child. She has the two rows done and is working on the others. yay!! Let me know which pattern you would like and it will be on your way via email!
Next month i think that i'll put a little packette together. How about that? Is that more of an incentive for those non sharers? come on. play nice.

**Thanks a bunch for the help on the selling things. It really helped, and i will give a few things a go this weekend....XOXO**

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i am still in the dark and now i am crying in the dark. The 2 sales were this weekend and from what i can count up i made enough at the one show to pay for both shows. so, not loosing money, but didn't make any either.


you know that this throws me off. i get a little off kilter when things like this happen. it takes me a few days to recover. what don't they like? Am i too expensive? What if i? about?....
you know...questioning myself, my stuff, my layout, my presentation, my prices...
So this is how it is- i have obviosly enough inventory from the shows left over that i really don't need to make anything for this weekends show. That does leave me with some sewing time this week however to maybe add a thing or two, or make a few changes.
So just wondering- putting this out there...what do you like from a person that makes the things i make? GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS PEOPLE!! I am in the DARK!!! i need some ENLIGHTENMENT, ENCOURAGEMENT, and some IDEAS!!!
When you go to a boutique what do you like to see in the toy area? What kind of things perk your interest? what pushes you over the edge of being a lookey-lou to a pursy Purchaser?
Give it to me!! I can take it....I think

It was an overall CRANKY week wasn't it?
Tomorrow will be a new week. Tomorrow i will pick a winner. Tomorrow, Tomorrow.... I love ya....tomorrow..

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i can't see

i am missing a bunch of stuff. i just know it. why? well, because the nice moniter that we have- ok it is still an older big butted back one, but nice... doesn't want to share what it sees. If and when it decides to enlighten me with goodies it just might randomly blow everything to mega large print. I don't need that kind of sight help quite yet. It has been a little frustrating, so here i am typing on the honeys nice flat back computer....shhhh... don't tell.
So i am not sure what to do. we can't afford anything else, and have an even larger butted back one in the basement. that will take up -you know- most of the desk area. I need to get the honey to help and we can test it out.
In the meantime.... Go shopping.

now really i should be the one doing this since i can't see anything from the home front., but i am just reminding everyone else that there are a few great shows this weekend where i am selling my stuff. I loaded it all up and set them up last night with Vintage Fern and early this morning. Things were busy and boy is there some great stuff to see. Go and oooo and aaaaa and then buy some of my stuff would ya?

Hopefully by monday i will be able to reach out to everyone and 'see' things. in the meantime i will just be sneaking here...on the honey's viewer.....oh, it's nice.
Happy weekend-----here's to Shopping and seeing great Things!!