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I can see Clearly now...

well, sort of. That is why the background is grey now. i am in the grey zone. we have this monster of a moniter set up right now. Serious. Didn't realize how large it really was. It goes from the back to the edge of the desk. Plus, to make it extra special it has sort of a rounded screen, so everything is a little bit big, i guess. I can't find things, i am dissoriented as to where things are on the screen. Change is hard. It will take awhile to get used to...or maybe we should just spend a bit and get something that fits the space and isn't screaming in my face big letters. geeze.

This is what we woke up to today:

there are actually 3 and they spent most of the morning roaming, and sleeping, and laying under one of the trees in the back. they are so funny. the chickens get closer than anyone. They share the same grazing grass area. Maybe they even fight for over the winter apple goooo too.

Over the weekend i got:

Garage sale goodies. yup, feed sacks (white with printed words), buttons, some hankies, a couple of vintage table clothes, some crochet lace, and a large pieces of nice, good fabric and a couple yards of fusible fleece. good stuff i know.
Some goodies in the mail:

Lynette Anderson sent me some patterns! i won a twitter drawing. Very cute, Very fun. can't decide which to do...decisions.
Speaking of decisions. How about a winner?
It seems that the one that will win is Fairy Child. She has the two rows done and is working on the others. yay!! Let me know which pattern you would like and it will be on your way via email!
Next month i think that i'll put a little packette together. How about that? Is that more of an incentive for those non sharers? come on. play nice.

**Thanks a bunch for the help on the selling things. It really helped, and i will give a few things a go this weekend....XOXO**

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! but I do feel a little like I'm taking advantage since nobody else is playing along. ;)

20/4/09 9:27 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Cost-Co has the best prices for monitors--when you're in the market. We looked around and got ours there--love it!! YARD SALES---man, I was sick on Saturday and missed them.:( Looks like you scored. Julie

20/4/09 9:33 PM  

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