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i can't see

i am missing a bunch of stuff. i just know it. why? well, because the nice moniter that we have- ok it is still an older big butted back one, but nice... doesn't want to share what it sees. If and when it decides to enlighten me with goodies it just might randomly blow everything to mega large print. I don't need that kind of sight help quite yet. It has been a little frustrating, so here i am typing on the honeys nice flat back computer....shhhh... don't tell.
So i am not sure what to do. we can't afford anything else, and have an even larger butted back one in the basement. that will take up -you know- most of the desk area. I need to get the honey to help and we can test it out.
In the meantime.... Go shopping.

now really i should be the one doing this since i can't see anything from the home front., but i am just reminding everyone else that there are a few great shows this weekend where i am selling my stuff. I loaded it all up and set them up last night with Vintage Fern and early this morning. Things were busy and boy is there some great stuff to see. Go and oooo and aaaaa and then buy some of my stuff would ya?

Hopefully by monday i will be able to reach out to everyone and 'see' things. in the meantime i will just be sneaking here...on the honey's viewer.....oh, it's nice.
Happy weekend-----here's to Shopping and seeing great Things!!



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