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I am so glad that the weather is warming up. I love spring. not too hot, not too cold....but boy am i white. the hibernating winter does that to me. I am suprised that all that hot cocoa i drank during the winter hasn't tinted my skin. too bad.

Time to break out the tanning cream.

Does this mean less sewing for me? What? Never!

I finished quilting this one for a gal in my neighborhood. I usually don't quilt for others, but she is a mom to one of my girl scouts and so i thought...ok. Here it is. Pretty basic quilt but great pictures in there. This is for her mother and father for their anniversary in june. So fun. simple meander with a few leaves and words...names, dates, love, family.. you know mushy stuff.

I am working on a tutorial for the 'Travelers' I decided to share. It is hard to share things...even when you are in your 30's. Technically that should be late 30's since i passed the halfway mark this year. I was thinking of doing this later, but come on who has time 2 days before leaving the home to work on a traveler for the kids. ok. that would be me...but i will spare you the procrastination. So come back tomorrow.....and take a peak.

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