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I can see Clearly Now

Do you see? did you notice the grey sky gone?
Things are looking up..... at least brighter, nicer, not so big--ger

Nice new screen.....look at all that counter space i was missing! you don't feel clausterphobic when walking next to the computer desk in the hallway. woooooppppeeee!!! don't look at that clutter.

Here's to Neighbor love--

splitting a box of frozen chocolate chunk cookies 570 of them between us. m.m. and m some more

2 old lady neighbors wandering the neighborhood with arms full of Rhubarb. thank you.

Rhubarb Pie

of course i burnt the merainge. i am a sewer not a cooker!

Leftover Crispy Crust with cinnamon and sugar


Blogger Liz said...

Neighbor love sounds fantastic!

30/4/09 10:38 AM  

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