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Pocket People and Carrier Pattern

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Pocket People and Carrier Pattern



I have been making these for about a year and have decided it was time to get them into a pattern. I have had many ideas for a little carrier---roll it like the crayon roll, make a little bag, but then someone suggested a little house...oh yea. So now that they are together and make the perfect pair why not share? Of course there would be a charge. I can't give them all away....but all my patterns are $5.00

The pattern includes:
* Tutorial style instructions for the carrier.
* Pictures are included to help along
* Patterns for 4 different carriers-- barn, cottage, church, and tree house
* Pattern for pocket people
* Additional picture of pocket people for ideas
* PDF form. Easy to download and sew!

Pocket People are about 4" tall and the house is 12" long when opened up and around 7" tall- the the center peak.
Got a favorite childrens book, poem,or story? These are the perfect additions. Make them to match whatever you have and include it in a present, or just to keep for yourself.

Outside pic of Barn -bottom, and cottage - top

Outside pic of treehouse- bottom, and church - top:

Inside with the pocket people tucked into the pockets

Quick and Simple Tie edge:

Size of Pocket People in the hand of the 5 year old:

They are kidney bean in shape and fit perfectly in little ones hands. They are soft too- perfect for that "pounder" when they play. easy on the walls and furniture. Let's see, what ones have i made? dragon, princess, prince, farmer, cat, dog, pig, mouse, penguin, mermaid, cow, owl, twins, tinkerbell, wendy, peterpan, butterfly, snail, turtle, lady bug, batman, robin, cowboy, indian, wolf, grandma, red riding hood, raggedy ann and andy, rudolf, mary, joseph, baby jesus, snowman, santa clause--oh, wouldn't a 'workshop' be cute?, mrs clause, elf, bunny, chicks, They are sooo much fun aren't they?! oh, how about a sleeper for church? hee hee.

You want to make some don't you? are your brain juices going? do you have other ideas? share them, of course. Tempt us with your goodies.
- POP on over to the shop and get yourself the pattern and sew away!!

just because...some pics from the camera snatcher:


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Blogger sassypackrat said...

Oh so cute! The little house carriers are awesome! Wish I still had little ones cause I'd love to make them.

29/4/09 10:53 AM  
Blogger Liz said...

I love the house carriers too. What a great idea.

29/4/09 5:07 PM  
Blogger casserole said...

These little guys are precious!!
Posted a link on Craft Gossip Sewing Blog:

29/4/09 8:28 PM  

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