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I am a Head Bander

My hair has been growing...and growing...and growing. anyone else out there with weed hair?
I have really had short hair for a long time now and so longer hair is something new. i haven't ventured out to different 'doos' but i have admired these headbands. i love them. all fabric, no pinching plastic thingie and take a look at the cute bunchy flower. love it. so i tried it on, and i think that i am a head bander now. i can do it.

Jealousy is not a good thing to have so here is the link if you would like your own... Here name is Annie. She does some fantastic stuff. oh, i just looked and she doesn't have anything listed. well, now you'll have to add patience with the jealousy.

This week i am thinking i would love to get a lot of sewing done. Anyone else thinking that too? Why is it easier to plan than to actually do?

Hopefully do is something that gets done... are ya with me?



Blogger Deb C. said...

I just finished my baskets and am anxiously awaiting my next instruction, so I did do something this weekend. This is soo strange; I have participated in several BOMs...well, sort of--I have all the 'kits'--just never actually made them. But then you posted your Cranky Row Quilt, and WOW--I'm officially a, ummm... ROWER. Hey,can we be called "rowers"??

27/4/09 10:50 AM  
Blogger Whosies said...

yay for you deb!! a rower is funny. can i use that? did you share in the flickr group? i have a drawing each month you know :) i have plenty of 'kits' too. maybe we should have a kit week.

27/4/09 12:24 PM  
Blogger SiSi said...

I think I am a head bander too :P

27/4/09 1:48 PM  
Blogger Margaret said...

So cute!!

27/4/09 8:14 PM  

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