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whosies--written whatnots: September 2009


What's that you say?

That is my reaction to anyone speaking to me speak up child i can't hear you....the ears, plugged. The nose plugged. The chest plugged. Just a bunch of the yuckies here.
I do have some weekend goodies to show off:

Do you see the wool batting? oh, my goodness...i really have to think hard on what to use it on. sooo excited.

I picked up a nice sewing box for a retreat coming up {i am in charge of finding prizes + games}

I also got some cute buttons, and some teacups for a sewing project.--another retreat.

These are a bit kookie--but are new and if i cut it in half and then sew it together again, they will make some nice grocery bags.

I met Kari- from fresh cut quilts. She has some GREAT patterns girls. and she was just featured on Moda Bake shop. Her techinique for doing the half square triangles---pure genious. She donated a couple bags of salvege pieces + 2 1 yard cuts of fabric. THANKS!!!!! she was so helpful with it and i even got to pick her brain for a bit on business sort of stuff....hopeing that picking will continue. It is harvest season after all.

The other things---2 rolls and 5 fat quarters were bought for the retreat too. Not too bad of loot. eh?

So off i go to sleep some more and whine a bit.
At least it will be quiet in my plugged world.......

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Repeat performance

Do you notice that sometimes things repeat themselves? I mean who couldn't notice it? Circle of Life......But really, have you ever noticed it in your like of quilting? I have a few little suprises to show......that what we once did is now cool again. Apparently I have been quilting long enough to finally see a repeat. Is that something to brag about?
Now see here......
My quilt from 1997:

Quilt from 1800's at Moda Bake Shop. I am sure this has seen more than one repeat performance, don't you?

Again---my quilt from the same time frame:

Quilt at the quilt show for the Utah Quilt Guild:

More info on my quilts are here for the quilt parade.

Here are the rest that we saw at the guild show + a few of the know i love to read the stories.

Love the circular quilting on the stacked coins.

Cute houses and trees.

My favorite of the Dear Janes on show. This one had a darker background.

There is always an intersting one...isn't there?

Check it out. see the tiny quilting.....yup. normal machine. no big girl here

Words from the quilt:

Some great quilting inspiration for us all:

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Swappy Stuff

Since my space is clear I started on my Raggedy Anne Halloween Swap!!! i was excited for this one. Here is just a peek.....can't show too much. Still have bit to go, but great start.

I recieved my tin from Lyn. She did a wonderful job don't ya think?

Love the fairy on the top. Reminds me of Water Babies stories. Little Tom tormenting the big fish. Check out the stitches and the ribbon flowers! Love them!

A look inside. Full of goodies.


She also included a few vintage cards. Thanks a bunch Lyn.

Well, the goal is to finish the swaps before i move onto something else. So you will be getting a few more updates that way. Today i am off to Layton for Quilt Fest. {big conference building next to Target} There is a quilt show and a vendors mall--weeee

I will share my illigal photos {apparently i shouldn't take pictures of others quilts and then put them on the blog- but then Molly wouldn't have ever known that her quilt was in the show--she quilted it--what to do, what to do} and any little goody that i just couldn't pass up.

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Sewing Stations

This would be first in line to be tackled on the Caps for Sale list. You are assuming that it would be time management. You are wrong. Of course time would be a wise thing, but listen here gals...sewing! that is wise. Makes me sane. Makes my ticker tick. Get it? So first up--not time, but space. Work space for sewing.

The last time i did some sewing there was hardly an space on the cutting mat, so being that there was a monster pile next to the tiny space I took the 'big guns' {elbow} and shoved everything over. This of course didn't solve anything and now--the piles {i am a piler, i admitted it earlier} are now toppling over.

So here is a bit before: never mind that. too embarrased to show. There was even sewing stuff on the chair! no place to sit. Over flowing garbage, everything on the edge....along with me. so too bad. no peekie there.


What do you think? Sweet huh? Oh, yea. I can see the mat!!!!! all 36 inches of it!!!! weeeee.

Oh and look at all the table space {sewing machine is waiting its turn to be put into place}.

Now the 'cap' fits. No more tight squeezes here.

Plenty of space for me and my elbows and big headed ideas.

* pst- Marilyn has a great organization vidoe here to take a look at. If you need any help or more ideas. She shared these ideas with our quilt group. Lots of goodies.

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Postings of Postcards

I am sorry this took me so long to show off. I have been 'trying on' those caps and getting things rebalanced here.

I really do have a love for postcards. Short, sweet, and oh so pretty. Especially if they are made by other hobby-ests and crafters. Mini work of arts. Really you could frame some of these.

Oh, i just wanted to share before i forget. You know those wires that have little suction cups on each end? Then they have little pinchers that are on the wire so you can pinch things in them? Duh. anyways. I have used those in the past to showcase the postcards. Pin one in each pin and voila- showcase. I had mine in the window in my sewing room {when it wants to stay suctioned}
ok. on to showing them off.

This cutie is from Little T jane don't you just love the chic? She is sooo up my alley. She makes way cute stamps and little wood books in her store.

This cute sewing one is from Tye. She had a wonderful back of the postcard with her blog on it and everything printed. Fancy that. She added some REAL pins on the tomatoe and REAL gold thread on the sewing machine {looks like my featherweight hee hee} and some cute little buttons to boot. Wonderful Job!!!

I also got a surprise one! i love that! from Marilyn. She lives just up the street, but still sent it snail mail. How cute is that gal with the cat? She added some beads and a bit of glitter. Fab.

Karen- one of the other swappers- posted her arrivals. Go and check them out. Cute stuff, huh?

Thanks for swapping and if anyone else posts their gettings, give me a yell {email me really} and i'll share it for everyone to see + me to.



Caps for Sale...

Remember that book? The guy with the tall pile of caps on his head? The monkeys teasing him in the tree. Stealing his hats......Do you feel like that sometimes? The caps part. That big pile of caps that are stacked upon our heads. Each representing some part of our responsibilities.

a few of mine:

wifely duties
real estate agent
maker of Whatnots and selling them in Whosies store
Encourager of anyone {most of the time}
School work helper {didn't want to say 'teacher' because no credentials here- just a mom who homeschools kids}
Utah Quilt Guild Area rep
Helper of quilt groups
Manager of quilting retreats
Reader of Blogs
Watcher of people
Whip cracker {not literally- gals, come on now}

The list could really go on and on couldn't it? You were bored though with it all about me so i spared you.

I am wondering if we can sell some of these caps? Not PAY others to take the cap {house cleaner, babysitter, lawn guys, drive through window dinners}, but have someone purchase them from us. You know, some one who would think that THEY need to build that talent or whatever and are willing to do an 'apprenticeship' with out cap. Wouldn't that be great? Even if it wasn't long term. Just for a bit so we can get a handle on things......does that ever happen?

I am in this thinking mode of ----how can i make all those caps fit---- What needs to be done to make that happen? I will be exploring this for the a bit of time. Care to come along?
ok- no mumbling in the back there. There is definitly some sewing along the way too.
Just to prove it and show you i can produce something: This is what i did this weekend at a little sewing meeting. Pattern is Jelleystone Roll or something like that. Quick pattern.

Used a jelly roll -that was a bit obvious- that i have had for 3 years now. yikes. Won it at a retreat. I love it. Kansas City Troubles. Love them. Here are a few. Can't wait to put the top together, but i will have to. That cap doesn't fit.......yet.

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Sell +Sell = sell

We have the same agenda:

Mine- to sell things

Theirs/boutiques- to sell things.

Doesn't this make you think that they would add up to sells?

sell + sell = sell
I am no math wiz, but this adds up! Apparently though, real life dictates a totally different answer.

That is the front and back. I picked up that art board and then added a blue burlap backing to make things 'pop'. Well. The before and after pic would be exactly the same -except after is a bit messier. So people looked, and then loved, and then ......put it back.
Not sure how to take it. Give up? That is 2 flops --sorry, 3-- in a row. I even tried mixing it up and added a few new and different items. Well. I am looking into getting some sell tags and some decent cards and some 'branding' of the whole store. Maybe if i didn't have 5 different hang tags, and whatever else adding to the confusion i will sell something. Maybe
{I can't blame it on the show either---they had sold more in one day than a WHOLE show last spring! SO things were hopping, just not over on my station.}
I of course had a bit of trading pleasure at the end though. Can't complain about that. Got me a new headband. Love it. And some way cute fabric. Love them. So it can turn out Sell

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Shop it

Hey- go shopping would ya?

Great stuff.......go on. check it out.

I will be there Saturday from 7-9pm. wanna chat---just find me!

Have a great shoppy weekend!

I will excuse only those that are out of state....everyone there.



i couldn't leave it that way

i was having issues with the last post. i mean, there were a few goodies...but no pictures. So without bla bla-ing too much. Here are some pics. Maybe you just need a good laugh. Sometimes i can supply it. Today would be that sometime. Go ahead. Laugh away.

in the picture would be annie in the striped shirt--{makes those cute headbands} and left the photo shoot early, Amy, Heather, and me. The goof ball who can't stand still. Maybe it's because my hair is HORENDOUS!! {roots showing, out of its style, dry, just blah}. even the princess wand tucked behind the ear can't make up for it.

Did i really hit the post button? once it's out there i can't take it back can i.
Thanks amy for sharing your camera and sending me those goodies. {notice--she didn't post them on her blog.} interesting.

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