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Postings of Postcards

I am sorry this took me so long to show off. I have been 'trying on' those caps and getting things rebalanced here.

I really do have a love for postcards. Short, sweet, and oh so pretty. Especially if they are made by other hobby-ests and crafters. Mini work of arts. Really you could frame some of these.

Oh, i just wanted to share before i forget. You know those wires that have little suction cups on each end? Then they have little pinchers that are on the wire so you can pinch things in them? Duh. anyways. I have used those in the past to showcase the postcards. Pin one in each pin and voila- showcase. I had mine in the window in my sewing room {when it wants to stay suctioned}
ok. on to showing them off.

This cutie is from Little T jane don't you just love the chic? She is sooo up my alley. She makes way cute stamps and little wood books in her store.

This cute sewing one is from Tye. She had a wonderful back of the postcard with her blog on it and everything printed. Fancy that. She added some REAL pins on the tomatoe and REAL gold thread on the sewing machine {looks like my featherweight hee hee} and some cute little buttons to boot. Wonderful Job!!!

I also got a surprise one! i love that! from Marilyn. She lives just up the street, but still sent it snail mail. How cute is that gal with the cat? She added some beads and a bit of glitter. Fab.

Karen- one of the other swappers- posted her arrivals. Go and check them out. Cute stuff, huh?

Thanks for swapping and if anyone else posts their gettings, give me a yell {email me really} and i'll share it for everyone to see + me to.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! awesome postcards!

23/9/09 5:26 PM  

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