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whosies--written whatnots: W W N N D?


W W N N D?

That is the question for the day.......friday. It is a good day, really it is.
Have you figured it out yet?
You had no idea, did you. Didn't think so.
Today i am heading for salt lake to go to the Startup Pincess TouchPoint conference.
So I am a bit nervous..... OK I AM A LITTLE MORE THAN A BIT......Nervous Nelly....That's what i am!!!
Apparently the thing to do would be to sew when in such a state. Sew something that i don't really need of course. Sew something that in no way really shows what i sell. Sew a Little book cover. I used the pattern from All People Quilt pattern. It was a tad bit big for the ring binder i was using, but great anyways. I of course added my own embellishments. An owl, for Whosies. I guess it does match just a little.

Because of the nervous sewing i got sidetracked from what i really should have
* go get a hair cut that is clearly a month or more over due- {thankfully i have a flat iron to help out}
* find a bra that the wires won't poke me in the middle of a sentence. {i have 3- at least one should work} --what? too much information?
* get some business cards with out the words 'printed for free' on the backside to hand out. {i guess i'll hand out my moo cards-pricey} wait...that has some of my stuff on it. sweet.
* painting all the fingernails that i have just bitten down. {clear will have to do, so i don't attract their sorry condition}
* making a nice portfolio of my 'quilting credentials' {just read about that in my new book- sounds good though, doesn't it?}
* Repeat the sentance: I can do it...i can do it.....toot toot {that of course being my own horn}
So off i go into the big world of Womanprenuers. Just me--whosies. who? I know that is what they will say. That might end up like---who's on first?--- situation. {biting fingernails again.}
Never fear nervous nelly- or whosies...or whomever I am.......i'll at least look good taking notes in my cute new book covery whatnot.........
i am the NKOB.
What more can they expect?

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Blogger Heather said...

Have fun at Start-up Princess - I heard there are an amazing group of women presenting - best of luck - wish I could go.

11/9/09 10:39 AM  
Blogger Kelly King Anderson said...

I hope you had fun at Startup Princess and it wasn't too scary for you ;) I know going to new events is always a bit challenging, but now you should have at least 18 connections so next time you come you know more people! :) If you have any questions email me or say hello on twitter @startupprincess

See you at our next event! (October chp mtgs in UT County and SLC)

Kelly, Startup Princess

14/9/09 9:53 AM  

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