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My labors-Weekend

Well, we got back from camping. Everything and everyone- fine. No bears, mice or tragedies. Just chipmunks, fishing, eating and fun. Even the weather was BEAUTIFUL!!! only one rain. no biggie.

We arrived a bit earlier than everyone else, so we could get a nice spot. Last year- we had a tent trailer, this year--just a trailer. So we had to find a rock-less spot (that is hard to do) for our 10 person tent. i know, it is a monster, but everyone fits--so no complaints.
On our way up:


Lovely views from the car.

While waiting the kids got the crockette set out...that was kind of a weird thing to pack, but they did. They had fun with it. what a surprise.

We went on a walk around the lake Sunday afternoon. Very rocky, but fun stuff. My right leg is apparently the balencer of the body or pricarious rocks. Didn't know that until monday. :)

See the kids? all the way over there? They of course ran away from us and were first to the other side of the lake. speedsters.
MISC. stuff:
Leaving the kids on Turtle rock. don't worry, he didn't row away and they had life jackets on.
Look out rock. they went paint ball shooting and sling shot shootting. hee hee
Jarom found a bunch of 'stuff' and made this man. They are posing together.
I took an outdoor shower!!!! LOVE IT!! Want one at my own home....sort of. If you have a chance, just do it. Fun stuff i tell ya.
Eliza, trying her hand at making fire wood.
Jarom hit the # 9 while camping. YAY for him!!! He is such a joy to have around. A good helper (mostly to his dad). Loves tools, making things, and wrestling. His golf game will get better with a few new clubs he got from his dad. My present you ask? I gave the boy 2 rolls of Packing tape. Clear stuff. Don't go rolling your eyes at me. He loves this stuff!! He makes homes for dudes with boxes (it is now 3 feet tall by 3 feet wide) and furniture with anything else he can tape together. It is a constant fight for tape around here. He got his own. Oh, and i got him some art pencils + charcoal to work with. I am not too mean.
Here he is with a present from Julie. Some pudding. Loves it, he does!!!
Great stuff for on the spot gift.
We are back to the grindstone. Yuck. School, work, Laundry and un-packing.
Oh, i did get one block done + a bunch of another one done. I will share tomorrow. No pics yet.
pst.. if you make any of those FREEBIES load them onto the Flickr group if you would. Even if it was a long time ago. Share it up gals.
pst, pst... did you see the 1st house stitchery? go on over and take a look. love it! thanks for sharing.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Becky, Beautiful photos. It looks like you camped where we were a week ago--we camped at Lily lake. We saw Baldy Mt. and Haypen Peak. Were you near there?
I was contacted by Lily Chops about my video on my web site about how to do needle punch and I see you have her on your roll and I told her. She said to tell you thank you--so thank you.
And I see you changed from my name to my business name (Get It Together Organizing) which now I think about it, it is sixes because my web site is my name. Did this make any sense to you? I know I'm funny.

8/9/09 1:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love your house stitchery--will you help me get my house right on the computer--I like to be shown, I do have Paint so we could do it by phone, with your "Yuck, School, work, Laundry and un-packing" do you have time? Please-please-please? I think this would be a great project to put on something for all of my kids who were mostly raised (reared) in this house who are all gone to their own homes now. What to know why I said reared? Ask me some time.

8/9/09 1:45 PM  
Blogger Julie said...

Uintahs? Looks so fun--I agree with the yuck stuff though!! I gave one of my kids tape for a birthday one year and a stapler and glue--got tired of it always being gone!! Have a great day. Julie

8/9/09 1:55 PM  

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