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Mostly very random items. Nothing that needs its very own posting, but great in a the borg maybe. hee hee
ok. 1st up......what i got in the mail!! i love getting surprise packages in the mail don't you? Well, i do. so there.
Everything is like a little upper. You can squeal with delight, oooo and aaaa, and then when it's all over with you can just sit in your chair and stare. Then you can turn the pages, or pet the fabric, and then stare some more. You know how it goes. Who needs drugs when you can get the same euphoria from getting wonderful little things. Not that i would know. i wouldn't ...ok.....Carry on.....

Remember i won? of course you do!! well, it arrived.

My wonderful Knippie magazine from the netherlands. oh, this is such good stuff girls. Everything is in its place. cutsie pictures, patterns in the center and ready for some stitch'n I am thinking that the front cover corduroy skirt is a go. well, of course all the extra goodies that were sent along with it are covering it!

I also got my book. YUp, i know........excitement for books and magazines. What can i say? This one is Style Statement. It is all about finding 'yourself' and what that is all about. She says that once i figure that out, i can make better decisions. Aren't we always re-inventing ourselves. Wondering who we are, what we are going to do --when we grow up. ok. maybe there are only a handful of included. but i am reading it and i am going to figure that one out. see, it works...i have already made a good decision.

I also got my first 2 blocks from the christmas block exchange! fun stuff!! i am excited to see what else i get. I will be getting those blocks out this week! remember....already done. see how handy that is? no stress, pressure. Just wondering when will i actually send it.

This little beauty was picked up at the garage sales this last week. It should be a complete kit for the little house. As if i need another project, but she had one finished and it really was kind of cute like. So i will give it a try. The honey is a wood man and so there are plenty of tools around here for the job...believe me.

Is there anyone out there that know of Tasha Tudor? They are doing a little tasha tudor day on friday for her. I might have something fun to do for it....still in the thinking tank. anyways.... Now, i pounced upon her book and ate every page of it a while ago. {ok, i just read it. but if was more like consumption. do you do that some times?} She is my second ALL TIME FAVORITE LADY!!! first being mary jane. They both are intriuging gals and are just what you want to be....well, me. Hey that's it. i don't need that book. i just need to see if mary jane is my style statement and go for that. hee hee ok, ok....Go take a look see. You definitly won't regret it.

I have been hitting the expanding world of blogs lately. Mostly on Business stuff. Funny how you go in cycles. All, crafty, then loving one blog, then a talky one, then a sassy one....then moving to another, then i am in business land. Always learning girls, always learning. Here are some of the ones i've hopped onto. Go take a look if this is your area of interest at the moment.
Do you have any favorites? Post a comment and leave us a link. Aren't we all a little bit addicted to the blog world in one way or another. A little 'upper' won't hurt anyone will it? anyone? anyone? Didn't think so. So bring it on.....the links that is.
Thanks i needed that.

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Blogger Karin said...

Great to see that it arrived. That took a LONG time then. What did they do with it? Some sightseeing in the USA first? ;-)

Anyway, glad you like it. I can't wait to see what you will be making from the Knippie! Enjoy!

x Karin

26/8/09 1:30 PM  

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