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whosies--written whatnots: Triangle-itis



I have a disease. Let me tell you about it and see if you suffer it also.
I have gone through a few drawers in the sewing room. Just trying to get a handle of what i have and remind myself of all the good stuff. :)
I went through the drawers that don't have any rhyme or reason. The ones that i am not sure of where to put things so i just open and stuff!
So this is where the disease came about. Triangle-itis. I have a tendancy to sew the other 'line' when sewing a half square triangle. I think this is such a great idea! I will have all these little 'extra' half square triangles that i can make something with! Won't that be just grand? will!!!! i just know it. Well, know sure do get a bunch of half squares. they get tossed into the no rhyme or reason drawer and get lost in the confusion of half sewn stuff. Do I suffer for this? you bet....the aches and pains, and don't forget that guilt---they call me in the night (only because i have set them free) and until i get a few of those things sewn up i won't be able to sit quietly thinking up other projects to accomplish.
This is what the disease looks like:

Baggies-- full

Piles-- high

Of course does Triangle-itis ever go away? I am not sure. I think that it can be kept under control. You know--actually sew them together, maybe send them to someone to do something with....but for some reason i am not sure that i can give up sewing that extra line. I might suffer from this as long as i sew.
Look familiar? Share yours if it does, and maybe we can all help each other get through this together. Isn't that what friends are for? the good, the bad, the traingles? Ahhh come on. Admit it--share it--and take a pill just before starting Triangle-itis.

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Blogger CieAngel said...

Wow i have this too but mine triangels aren't sewed together yet.
Cleary K.

18/8/09 4:43 PM  

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