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What's in your basket?

While at Bear Lake i took up a project to work on. Remember the Emergency Stitching Kit? This wasn't so much as an emergency, sort of planned this time.
So, I have been behind on a few of the Tisket a Tasket Blocks. Ok fine. all i had done was the first block, and since we are now on Block #8 I thought that it was no better a time than last week on vacation to get a few of them done. I took the wool route with these. It is VERY different then my normal area, but i am loving it!
So here they are
#1 (the snowman is still missing his nose)


#3 (no- i am not missing a picture here- i couldn't find that pattern so it still in the to-do pile)

#5 (my favorite so far)

#6 (cut and baggied as a kit-ready for soccer practice nights)

I feel better about getting a few of these done. Now i don't seem so overwhelmed with the thought of a block of the month becoming a life long project. hee hee sometimes that happens. Progress will be continually shared as this is the project of travel for the next little bit.

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Blogger ~Molly~ said...

I'm LOVING them!!! Especially #2!!

My mom and I spend days and days snapping up every wool blazer and skirt we could find in and around Burnsville, North Carolina last winter. She ripped seams and then we divided our booty.

I came home with bags and bags of wool ready for such projects but haven't had time to get into it yet. You've given me a boost towards that now, thanks!!

17/8/09 4:32 PM  
Blogger Ms B. Thrift said...

Those are beautiful, I also love number 2 the best! well done on your hard work!

18/8/09 1:43 AM  

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