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Annual Quilt Run Around

I think that is what i am going to call it....our annual Quilt Run around. It actually just involves me and a little group of 9 gals who get together every once in awhile to do some sewing, laughing, sharing, eating, and enjoying of each other--and their sewing goodies.

So Wednesday was the annual run around to the springville art museum to the quilt show. Then off we went to a small number of quilt stores and lunch, and present exchanging. We had a few obstacles to get by, but after that...nothing but fun.

Big 4 lane dump truck dump part. For Kennecot Copper! This thing was HUGE!!!

this is the torn up bridge that takes us to the museum. no worries...we'll just wander town trying to find a road to it for 15 minutes!

Of course i will share what we saw. It felt like last year there was more, but who's complaining?


This was for a married couple with a round bed. huh?

This ones the leafy treetops. it's on the brain girls...and apparently spreading. :)

I have this book with the pattern. should do it.

Look closely....these are NOT pinwheels!! They are log cabin blocks made to look like a pinwheel. Why?!

Shop hop quilt. Super cute!

Quilting Inspiration:

For some reason the labels were great! Do you read them when you go to show? You totally should. There is some good stuff in those little explanations.

I love that she says it called to her.......don't we all feel like that happens? someone finally said it.

This is for the polka dot dresdin plate, circular one above.

This label goes the to the grandmothers garden above. incredible don't you think?

Pictures of our presents....remember this? It was for an exchange. Sort of christmas in July thing. Here is our presents that we got:

Pictures of Us:

Here is all of us!!! we had so much fun!!!

Goodies I got:

Same pile, it was just too long to get into one photo. I didn't go that crazy.

ok. after loading all of the pics and stuff i am tired!! so i think that they 2 drawings going on will wait until monday. how about that? no complaints now, i'm in charge here. So get on over there and put your name in so you can win.

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Blogger Julie said...

Two thumbs up!! I chickened out and didn't post all my photos--tired being the key word, here. It was a great time!! Julie

31/7/09 11:58 AM  
Blogger Molly said...

Ack! I quilted that grandmothers flower garden quilt by Karla Snyder. I didn't even know it was in the show, but I am going to have to try and make it there now. Thanks for the post!

31/7/09 3:06 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

molly- you did a great job!! that is too funny...oh, what the world of blogs brings to your attention :)

31/7/09 3:19 PM  
Blogger DIDI said...

So I see you had a great time! As I was looking at your photos (and enjoying them) I was thinking to myself "there's something missing here, how strange" but found it! Yes, the photo around a table of food or drink!! ALWAYS when more thand two quilting or stitching friends meet there's a photo of foor or drink around... lol.


31/7/09 4:32 PM  
Blogger Shannon said...

I love the quilts from the Corn Wagon. It's to bad you didn't mention that is where the shop hop quilt and the one below could be found. We will be doing a class on the shop hop quilt in the fall.

1/8/09 8:51 AM  

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