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Pushing Rewind

Bear with me for a bit...i need to catch myself up to this week. I have a bit of family stuff today.
Here we go:
We went to the fireworks last sunday at Weber State University. Sat with the family and stuffed our ears with tissue

(there are cannons gals) and our bellies with yummy zuchini bread, snacks, treats, and sweets!! It sprinkled just a bit --enough to cool us down--

and then the concert, fireworks, and glowsticks!!

honey is such a good sport... :)
The past friday morning we headed out to Ogden for the morning parade. Here are a few goodies:

Cowgirl pin ups----cute huh?! ok. they weren't pinups, but they were sort of that style --from 75 years ago that is.

Only in Utah gals--only in utah.

These horses were HUGE!!!

If i had enough guts i would join these girls......roller dirby i just do indoor soccer. That is enough roughness for me.

What happened here? They abondoned their float! HUH?
Camera thief:



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