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whosies--written whatnots: Just me and my JUKI


Just me and my JUKI

No more raveling seams :)
---more skirts, pants, hemmings, and whatever i can make the girls wear.
The blade moves too. 3 or 4 threads. $40 at garage sale.....
i just need the manual ...anyone?
i know. i am lucky today!!! eeeeppp!!

My shirt to inspire everyones weekend. We are all super heras aren't we?

Happy stitching--

Thanks, i

happy and stitching!

REMEMBER----Give away over on Threadling!! ----Flickr group for more In the Leafy Treetops Pictures. (did you see the new pictures--love them, thanks for sharing)

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Blogger Julie said...

Yup--that's the one I sawat the house by Winegar's---does it work? So glad you got it!! See ya Wednesday!! Julie

25/7/09 6:05 PM  
Blogger Crazy Bird said...

I couldn't find one for free but this one

is $12.99 if that helps?

26/7/09 3:45 AM  

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