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Felt + Assignments

My family in felt

Checkout Girl sent me my family portrait in felt!!!! girls, you must go and get yourself one of these. Her blog has much cuter pics of it. I love everything about it. don't you?! how lucky am i? super lucky!!! It is hanging out in my room waiting for it's permanent place of residence. (it says 2008 because that is when the picture was taken-don't fret, not a mistake.) ---the honey loves the little bit of extra hair he got :) and take a look at the long thin neck. i love felt portraits. they take 20 pounds OFF!!! lol.

Do you know what else i love? I Love making dolls. And new dolls-- designing, making, it. did i already say that?
Here is a little sneak:

I can't show the rest---she is nuded---*kid language* so you must wait for little miss embarrassed to get dressed and then you shall see the rest. She has a few friends that are waiting patiently for thier turn too.... fabric is more patient the the sewer isn't it?
How is the Cranky Quilt coming along everyone?!! Send me some pics, love, whatever you have got !)


big day that monday is. Picking a winner for the Cranky Quilt players...+

I will be having a mini quilt along--


Come back why don't ya. Sew along with us. It's a beginnger type quilt that is for sure. Easy blocks, Easy templates, Easy stitching.
First step will be posted monday and then the rest will follow for the rest of the week.
Want a supply list now? ok. Find the stuff over the weekend- garage sales, second hand shops, i got mine there + a fat quarter sheet swap last year. again, patient fabric. :)
here is your assingment for monday----you will need:

4-6 fat quarters of LIGHT fabric.

One with a bit of print, but they aren't screaming color at you.

6 fat quarters of screaming color fabrics

they just need them to contrast enough with the other pieces.

1 sheet for the border + the back

Finished size is 45X45 --or something like that.

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Blogger Amy said...

cute felt family portrait! I will try to quilt along with you, that would be fun! Another thing for the looooooong list! :)

17/7/09 4:56 PM  
Blogger cindi said...

love your new little doll...can't wait to see till she's not nuded... lol

19/7/09 9:42 PM  

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