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ALIVE........and stitching

so i survived, or the girls did!! I am going to toot my own horn--just for a bit. you can handle it. of course.
We had a bunch of fun!! All the girls are sooo good and excited about doing whatever. They were helpful and engaged--most of the time. They had mini classes on tying knots (and then twizzlers and hair bows), using a compass, square dancing- pro girl caller-super fantastic, making leather pouches, story teller-another pro-very fun, dutch oven cooking with rolls and butter to shake, making swaps of course, and singing camp songs.

Let me complain---just another bit. hold on there is sewing coming-good too. i promise.

There were kinks EVERYDAY. Last year, nothing was changed this year, the schedule was changed, i can't tell you how many times. I had a tick in my right eye going crazy, but only around my one stress......a mom. She and i butted many times and it was constant negativity from her. :( didn't make the big job easy i tell you. I lived to tell the tale though and loved all 109 girls!!'s over.

Now, onto some family stuff. i know you were expecting sewing stuff, but i have to catch up on the family, just for another little bit. Hang on ok.

We went and stayed at mom moms the 3rd and went fishing at the fish farm. all the grand kids got to catch something and then we cooked it up at their house. so here is a few pics of the fishing and fun!!

the one on the top- alec...he fell in right after this pic. :)
trying our talent at scooping them out of the water. look at the tail! eeeewwww.

1 caught- not by hand though.

2 caught.

3 caught.

4 attempting to catch. he was the last one. Ammon, on the left.

How many men does it take to catch one fish?

Playing with the caught ones.

Now STITCHING STUFF!!! you have been so patient. thanks! Last night was the summer dinner party for one of the quilt groups. that is soooo what i needed, let me tell you!

Cranky Quilt Blocks:

I LOVE the 30's prints!!! Love them!!!

Party favors---these were on the tables for everyone to take home. They were just yummy! thanks angie!

Swap- we made something and then got to take something home. Table of swaps:

My contribution--the little red needle case and zipper top bag, + the bag they are laying on.

My pick:

close up of the pillow:

We had all the chocolate quilts hung up on some line so we could see them all. They are just toooo cute! Here is some chocolatey goodness: I love how they are each different and exactly what the sewer wants.

Want the pattern? Go here to get it. Quilting Melodies.

Wow- that was long! I did have to catch up and feel much better now. So off i go to make the kids do some jobs, make me do some jobs, and then maybe...just maybe i will sew something today. The deadline for the inspiration piece is july 13th. it is coming quick! i can feel the pressure. It's good pressure though, not negative.

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