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String around your finger

That is to remind you to PLAY ALONG by Sunday Night--whenever.....and Come back on Monday for a WINNER!! Go and take a look at all the players stuff. There is some good ones out there. Thanks for playing everyone!! I'm a garage saler--- i love to look and snoop in others stuff. don't you? hee hee..

Plus---I have been finishing up a new pattern ---coming out monday too.........there are already hints being dropped. Pay attention girls.

Lookie what i got today at Garage sales!!! 25 cents a yard on the back pile...weee. a little box of ric-rac, binding, and cording, another roll of cute little tiny blue loops bottom hem tape. (There is a ton! i might have to share some of that.) another nice pile of 25 cent fabric fat quarters---a great christmas collection don't ya think? + a cute hand embroidered table runner. That should help with keeping things cheap for the fabric addict?!

Happy weekend and stitching to all!!

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Blogger Amy said...

Oh my! that roll of scalloped trim is yummy, lucky you!

29/6/09 8:56 AM  
Blogger Whosies said...

that blue is fun isn't it. i need to hurry and make something before it gets lost with the others.

30/6/09 10:10 AM  

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