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Honeys day

today it the big day for all the honeys in the world........Father's day.
We didn't have much time this morning for anything, so this after noon -4 ish, after church and all that jazz we had waffles, eggs, sausage and hashbrowns. Then the pass out of presents. The typical shirt and wallet of course :) But in my defense, the wallet is MUCH needed, since the one honey has been using was literaly falling apart....and i don't sew leather girls. He also got his dad you rock present from Jerika...a pet rock. hee hee
He is a good father. He loves to hold the kids and show them lots of love. (I feel a little clausterphobic when i snuggle with them). He shows them dad stuff and loves to be a teacher of building, golf, around the world, and anything else. He also puts up with me doing all my little extras. He helps with the kids---as long as dinner is ready, and maybe a movie set up for them too :) I am a lucky one. I know some other girls who can't get away with this kind of behavior. Lucky me.
Right now---he is enjoying his favorite dad time.....of course that would be sleeping.

Don't tell him i told you ;)

Hope everyone is having a

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