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like...totally awesome

So, here goes a little tag from another totally awsome gal...aunty cookie. she is the one with the fabric...who you callin a fat quarter...awesome.---ok. i confess she didn't really tag me. she said we could tag that weird and ackward? hmmm

well, who cares...Since i of course have massive resources to pull from to fill the awesomeness ---i won't over whelm...just share a few.
++ taking the kids to the library for 'story time' is really 'my time' i get to read, explore, wander, dream, and of course make my own large pile of books to checkout. they don't really get it = awesome.
++ being able to make my own rules for my own business...or whatever i call it = awesome.
++ tivo all awesome t.v. show to watch at my own leisure late at night = awesome. of course that would be BEFORE the networks decided to wack all the shows i watched. who do they think they are. that is definitly = NOT awesome!
ok. back to the list.
++ garage sales= awesome.
++ the world of etsy = awesome.
++ organizing the sewing room and finding free goodies = awesome.
++ having a honey who deep cleans = awesome.

truth time...that took me a long time to find those awesome things. i am not one to really look at it all and decide what is awesome. i need to work on that.
finding the positive, blessings, what i am thankful for sort of stuff.....another long pause of contemplation.

or is that blankness?



Blogger It's A Wonderful said...

Yeah, I totally get story time at the baby is 17 and boy, do I remember those days!

I just love your blog and humor. I check it out just about every day!

11/6/09 5:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with your 'awesome' list! wana know something else that's awesome? I'm having a blogiversary giveaway right now! come on over!
:) Missy

12/6/09 12:53 AM  

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