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Bumpy ride

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whosies--written whatnots: Bumpy ride


Bumpy ride

so this weekend has some bumps. do you have weekends like that?
Big Bump:
3 turkeys went to the neighbors yard---the grass is always greener on the other side...guess that doesn't apply to just humans-- and a BIG dog from down the street came to the neighbors yard. wrong place at the same time sort of thing. we lost 2 of them, the 3rd is pretty skiddish now. Thankfully for other chicken lovers out there i made a few calls and found out how to hurry and get them processed. Needless to say they were too damaged after the honey did everything for us to eat. :(

Of course this would happen 1/2 hour before leaving for the Real Salt Lake Soccer Game with my parents. I am not the favorite child if that is what you are thinking. They always have an extra ticket and it was my turn to go!!yipppeee for meeee!!
Of course a quick stop to the quilt store just before was needed. It was a big night at the stadium. There were sky divers, fireworks, flyovers, ROTC , and did i mention David Archuleta? Yup. He was there. You know sang the national anthem, then did a little concert for everyone after the game. That's all. hee hee. It was a lot of fun!! Tie game 1 to 1- for those of you wondering. My mom took some pics. i forgot the camera. i know stupid!

We are getting ready to take off to Randolph for some camping.

Just a few days mind you. I'll be back! Don't you worry your pretty little heads!!
I did give my dad his quilt:

The signature quilt from his "phillips 66" party. i got the binding done and was getting ready to take a pic when they showed up on friday night.

I am finishing up some plans and patterns and fun stuff and will continue to finish up when i get home.....
Unless some more bumps get in the way.

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