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whosies--written whatnots: Summer of ......


Summer of ......

Do you have a summer of ..........(you fill in the blank)?
Like the summer is themed. There is one area of activity that you are doing a lot of?
Last year it was the summer of
I think we were at other places more than at home. You know--bear lake, stiener park, trip cross country to Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, Zions...what else? oh, yea...somewhere in Idaho. Rock City. Yup. That was last year! Whew!!

This year it is the Summer of ........yard.

This past week we have cleaned out the back yard right behind our house. We have almost an Acre. Now, that is fun...but when it is covered with weeds and such it isn't so fun. When the kids play in the front yard, because the back is so 'scarry'. not fun.

We built a fence in the one corner and moved the tramp and then stuck the clubhouse the kids built under the big pine tree. we need to paint that baby.

cute huh? see the lounging cat and chickens? don't forget to spot their own little 'fire pit' and stump stool.
tramp, garden, bunnies, clubhouse.
the big people fire pit. love it!! use it a lot!!

the lone tree with the tree house in it. big back. lots of weeds. the property is actually an L shape and we own 2 other homes back yard :) there is a lot of trees on those parts so it is quite private + with the new fence at one part.
Now we are faced with ----the back. A blank slate so to speak. any suggestions? well, besides a pool and tennis court. doesn't fit into the budget. you know. hard work being poor.
The honey will be working on getting water to the back. Right now we have an acre long hose that runs from the only spicket in the front to the back :( Then, we can maybe get some grass going.

We have a few trips planned-the summer travelers will get to go somewhere-- Bear Lake, and next Tuesday somewhere....i really don't know where. isn't that horrible? We are going with others that have good planning skills and we are going to just follow them. We will bring dinner for one night..that is all i know.
That's how it is this summer. What can i say- it isn't that summer of camping.

Wait---is it too late to vote it the summer of.....sewing? what am i thinking---yard...hmph.

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Blogger Amy said...

I vote for the summer of sewing! That's what alot of mine will be :)

I have wondered about the shape of your backyard when I've been by, it always looked huge though, lucky.
Although I don't envy the summer of yard :) We've been there, we had to rip out one million little trees growing in our backyard and start over. You'll love it when it's done!

4/6/09 11:07 AM  

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