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whosies--written whatnots: Will the winners step forward


Will the winners step forward

I won't keep you guessing, fretting, and wondering any longer. I could feel the tention here ya go.

Oh, wait...first I would like to say "thank you" ALL the comments were great. There were really a lot to choose from. There are some great adventures planned for this summer--i even wish i was coming along with you...oh, maybe i should have done a giveaway with myself!! take me on your vacation. but i digress. -- I know i said exotic, but i am in charge. i get to choose, and here they really are in my own opinion of exotic travel.
*disclosure--there were a few great exotic places stated, but no link backs. i am a sewer, not a private investigator or good researcher and so they weren't winners...sorry*

Winner #1: Little Traveler
Lauren in California is going to Kauai this summer. Woohoo!
*I LOOOVVVVEEEE Kauai- i would live there if i could. i couldn't resist. you must send pics and share :) *

Winner #2: Smappy Baby
OK, I live on the Kenai in Alaska. Those babies would love keeping my girls warm here. :)Thanks for the chance.
* doesn't that just sound like a lovely place and with little girls to snuggle? aaahhhhh*

Winner #3: Pick a Pattern- any Pattern
Random guy choose #47
Kristin Wood said...
Kristin from Northwest Arkansas. I would love the Squiggly Waves Baby Quilt pattern to make for my new's absolutely adorable. I'd make the octopus pink, so cute for a girl!

**That is too funny. really i didn't plan it. Kristin you can really pick whatever pattern though. i won't hold ya to your comment.**

Winner #4: Heavenly Bliss Quilt Pattern
Random guy choose #80
Deanna said...
I'm in Dallas, TX - yeee haw!I like the little dolls - so I think I would love to have a pattern to try and make them!No fun trips planned around here for the summer -Thanks!
Did you still want one of your own? Link on over and purchase it from Angie. She would love some business.

**I did love all the 'melting chocolate comments' ** I will pass your info on to Angie and she will get that to you!!**

Winner #5: Chocolate Bunny
Dr. Bec
I'm in Central Kentucky. Chocolate Bunny would hang here with Henry, who loves to spend time OUTSIDE! Mr. Bunny would slide the slide, swing the swings, dig the dirt, and take long rides in the bike trailer. He might try to swim in the pool, but we'd have to be sure his swimming skills are sufficient (doubtful). Does he like ice cream, too?

**this one just gave me the giggles...doesn't that sound fun?**

The sale is still on in the shop.
I will leave it going until the end of this week.
So stock up people!!
Get those travelers, smappies, and bunnies
---what else do i have over there?-
oh, mermaids, and cats.... out of my house!!
They need some good love gals.
They need some great experiences.
They need to move on!!
Help them out would ya?
don't make them beg.
Thanks for playing everyone. Thanks for letting me into your summer plans, family adventures, or just plain ol good hang'n out stuff. i loved reading them all and clicking over to some new links. Great blogs out there.
I will be of course checking my email all day long to see if i am the lucky recipient of something fantastic.

Have a great WINNER of a day!!!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

congrats to all you lucky winners!
how ya doin' Becky? I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things after our move...
:) Missy

1/6/09 3:19 PM  

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