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Are you a Yo Guy?

My kids have funny little names for things. If they don't like something it is "Johny". If it is super bad it is "Johny Wickstone" Things like that just stick for them. They even have names for each other. They use those names when playing house. JO-JO, Honey, Tabeal, and Best Buddy. It is quite entertaining to listen to them play. They make me laugh.

Here is the newest craze: Yo- Yo Guy. Not pronounced like the yo-yo toy, but in the cool "yo yo dawg" Randy Jackson sort of way.
So i asked "what makes you a yo yo guy?" There is i guess a few things that you need.
Here are the criteria.

* Do you Wear a hat?
* Wear your hat sideways or backwards?
* Have a white tank top. You know, the ribbed kind?
* Do you take off your shirt in the winter to show off the white tank?
* Does your underwear show?
* Do you ride a skateboard or maybe a bike that is too small for you?
* Do you wear shorts? but they might look like pants?
* Do you wear tight pants?
* Do you have a weird looking girl friend?
* Does she have black hair or maybe purple?
* Do you do tricks in front of people so they notice you?
* Do you have a chain connected to your wallet?
* Do you do your tricks in the middle of the road?
* Do you have fat shoes that don't have any laces?
* Job? Questionable.

If you have answered yes to a majority of these apparently you are considered a yo-yo dude.
You can spot them anywhere. Mine do---hey there's a yo-yo dude! yeah, i'm yo....yo.

Jarom says he doesn't want to be a yo yo dude. Just a cool yo dude.

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