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Emotional Havok

Quick note of my emotional Havok these last week or so. Besides house and boutique prep, set up and sell, life in general......i have girl scouts.
I have been a leader for 4 years now, and have decided to take a break. tonight is our last meeting. We will be awarding badges, Bronze Award to 6 of them and Bridging 3 girls to Cadets. oh, and then after all the serious stuff we will be doing a DERBY!!! yay!! the girls chose it and it will be soooo fun. I am sure the cars will be just cute..... anyways.
It was a hard decision and typing up my little help program to keep me on track is making me teary-eyed. what? me emotional? not usually. i love the 7 girls though. it's hard to leave, but it is time. I am trying to take my hands out of the many pots they are in. I am slimming down the business of me......

This is HARD!!!

I do have 2 more things to do this year for girl scouts:
1- Camping with the girls at a Camporee with the rest of Utah :)
2- Day Camp---me being Director of 130 girls, in July.



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