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Sore, whiplashed, and ripped off

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whosies--written whatnots: Sore, whiplashed, and ripped off


Sore, whiplashed, and ripped off


The tail bone. Soccer incedent--which involved me, falling, rolling and hurting. but not outloud and only to my cyber blog friends....ouch. Didn't notice really until getting into the car- ooo, and then riding a bike- ooo. and pretty much anytime i move now. it gets worse before better right?


same soccer incedent-- i think my head was the last to hit the ground after the whole rolling thing. Again, didn't notice until i tried to turn the head left....ouch.

rough Tuesday night. But hey- we won! 7 to 2. not bad.

Ripped off-

Signed over the big home the honey built. finally. we ended up losing a BUNCH of money. Then the title company has to pay off the window guy who didn't do his job. since when does our money become theirs? what happened to us being the decision makers? They are threatened by the bully window guy and they pay. since it's thier choice they should have been the ones up there finishing the home for the buyers. gosh. + the buyers get government money for buying a new home. what? why don't we get any for building and losing money in this economy? We just get bills due for the next 20 years. yay. lucky us.

With all that off my chest

i should have a great weekend huh?

sewing retreat. i know, i know. yes, i just had one a few weeks ago. That was with a bunch of great friends. This one- family. still great. i will be catching up on a few quilts that i have started.

i will be hauling my sore self and my bunch of projects....wish me happy sewing!

oh and go shopping locally again:


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