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I'm a Drug Dealer

ok. really i am not. but from the purseptions of my neighbors i just might be. This is how it has been for the last week:
* cars drive up
* unusually busy during the day
* sometimes busy at the night too
* people run to the door
* they bring an envelope
* They might even drop something off in a rubber maid on the front porch if we are not home
* They walk around the house looking for people they can hear.
* Drive by's. Turn arounds and house number searchers.

If they only new how many times a day the phone rang too!!! I finally got smart and today recorded a message to calm the late ones down and tell them to drive by and leave me something in the box out front. hee hee

This would be the business of being Girl Scout Day Camp Director!!! yup. second year. Second time hopefully in the lifetime that i push Girls Scouts....not drugs on the major level :)

I don't think though that i could live the life of the drug pusher. It interupts my -me time. It is constantly answering the phone or the door, or both at the same time. It is trying to be nice, and then at the end it turns out like----do you have the package? good. Thanks. Bye.

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Blogger Julie said...

Dang--I thought for sure I had an in!! ;) Sounds crazy!! See you on Wednesday. Julie

16/5/09 9:00 PM  

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