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Back in the Saddle

i am speaking about the saddle of sewing/quilting that is.
- got the sewing machine pile out of the laundry room and set it up in it's rightful place.
- tackled the pile of pants needing cut and hem.

- Tonight quilt group. We are doing a little redwork/embroidery thing. yipppeee!
- Tomorrow HMQS!! double yippeee!! one yip for the quilt show, a second yip for the market sale stuff!

If that doesn't jump start the sewing juices i am lost.... or at least not in the right saddle.

I will definitly share those juices with you later in the afternoon tomorrow. that reminds. i must go and plug in the camera battery. don't want any excuses for not capturing all the good stuff.

**quick side note** I mowed the yellow field of dandilions yesterday....anyone have any suggestions on these lovely flowers that tend to infultrate my grass area? suggestions, hints, secrets, anything from anyone....please help :)

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Blogger Julie said...

Hi Becky--finally catching up on our blog--piles--oh, I have so many. I'm sure girl scouts will miss you, but good for you for giving up one thing. Your plate is so full. Have fun at the quilt show. I am working at the school all week and can't sneak in a time to go. My Mom even called to ask if I could--sigh!! Have a great day. julie

7/5/09 4:46 PM  
Blogger Molly said...

My husband uses Weed and Feed on the dandelions. They grow huge really fast and then die. You have to do it more than once a summer.

7/5/09 5:16 PM  
Blogger Whosies said...

feed them until they burst? :)

7/5/09 9:24 PM  
Blogger Ruth said...

Becky thank you for the very cute Annie doll. I love her and the extra goodies. Hope you like what I made.

8/5/09 7:36 PM  

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