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whosies--written whatnots: Piles



Are there little piles hounding you too? Well, I guess not really hounding. Just hanging out. Waiting for their turn. Waiting...waiting...and waiting some more.
A pile of sewing machine. Not set up, ran, or loved since this last weekend. How sad is that? :(

A pile of quilts that need to be quilted. This is not my pile, but of quilts that i need to quilt for others. Come on girls, my pile is like 2 times this amount and that might be a little understated ;) Maybe getting this pile done will inspire me to do some others...............ok. who am i kidding?

A pile of pants. Holes in the knees. But they still fit the boys. They will be chopped and hemmed into shorts. Perfect timing. They keep running down to the basement and digging out some old ones.

A pile of Derby cars from last night. Aren't they just the cutest? See the remote control? brown one is a Beaver, and Jerikas is the top left one ---rainbow. Such a happy world isnt' it? Turned out perfect. The girls had fun. I feel relieved. Parents were nice....all good stuff. oh, i do have to do a bit of Bragging for just a moment. 6 girls recieved their Bronze Award also. This is a 15 hour service that they have to do + earn many badges that relate to the service to recieve it. Great stuff isn't it? They are great too.

There are so many other piles around here but really there isn't enough time to share them all. One thing at a thing at a time.

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