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whosies--written whatnots: One for for me


One for for me

This is the theory anyways. You know, with the kids halloween candy, easter, anything else i can think of. The system of equality. hee hee
Do you have one?

I should think that this goes for quilting too. Shouldn't it? of course! So here it is:
One for you- well, if you are the aunt who pieced it.


close-up of quilting on the back.
One for me--- this is just a sneak.

There are a few other quilts waiting to be quilted. made by others and plenty made by me. I think this is a good way of doing things.....
one for you, one for me.
*This is just for me...a little pursy purky lip sass from jarom. Just to remember it.*

Have a great Friday Everyone!!!

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