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Mothers Day Doings

Did everyone have as good of a mothers day as i?
Mine started with breakfast, and a very cleaned up kitchen!!! neither of which was done by me.

Then later on last night we went up to my moms for dinner with the family. yummy! steak, salad, keylime know, good stuff. oh, and presents.
This is what my mom gave all the girls- a leg pamper package. fun huh? i know. love it.

Then we of course finished the Apprentice. YAy for Joan!! you go girl.
It was kind of a calm day with family and just plain ol....nice. Sometimes i need just a nice day.
This is what i got my mom:

The notepads were done using this tutorial. I admit i need some practice doing these. Some of the pages weren't quite to the top enough and got pulled out before the pads were given. I use our own pictures, and bought their glue too.

The best doll ever!!! you have to read the note and description she came with. I couldn't resist. We got the best laugh ever i tell you!! jealous? go buy your own---here.
While watching. ok more like stalking the mailbox all weekend i came up with a swap. Still good, but i was so looking for my mothers day presents i bought myself. :)
Here is Annie from the Annie Swap. She is made by Ruth.
Eliza loves her and she now is a friend to her Annie. i don't think you can ever have enough annies. do you?
Speaking of eliza. I have to share. 2 weeks ago she said -take off my training wheels. So we did. She hated it!! Just couldn't get it. Frustrating for her and me. That was on her big bike. She had a little pink one too- too small for her. She said take off the training wheels. I was thinking -great, here we go again. another bike sitting there that she won't ride because the wheels are off. but i did it anyways. She hops on and rides away. Like she has been doing it for years!!! what?
See proffessional.
Took a bit, but she has figured out the bike that fits. Ok. it took one day. She zips around with the other brothers and sister just as fast. Scarry. We took a bike ride on this trail saturday night. fun except for all the nats that were running into you. I felt like the windshield. I put my hoodie on and could here them hit! then lets not talk about how many got into the eyes and the ones you ate. :(
And just because:
Sneak Peak

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