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Little Packages

Getting little packages is so fun. If you haven't bought or swapped anything you need to!! just so you can get a little something in the mail. i love it. i think it might be an addiction. well, not yet. but it could be. The winners little packages will be leaving shortly. fun for you!
I recieved my Annie from Auntie Pitty Pat. She had a second Raggedy Ann swap...i just couldn't resist! She even sent a few extras with her. love that. Here she is:

oh, what lovely pearl necklace and bracelet you have. i wish i had some :)
This one i am keeping in my room for just a bit before she is sneaked off by the daughter that is building a nice collection of one of a kind Raggedy Annes.
I also got this Zine. (pronounced zeen....short for magazine) I first saw it on someones blog and thought...i want one for myself. I have seen these around for awhile, but this one caught my eye. Love it.

isn't that just fun? love the use of colors in addition to the photo copy pages + the little stickers and paper. just whimsicle. size is 3 X 4 or something like that. i must try one.

maybe....i am thinking that a future swap of Zines would be fun. I know, so not what you would expect me to swap. I am here to surprise you......and me.
Speaking of little packages....remember the one i gave my mom for mother's day?

such a good dad to tollerate such silliness.

oh, her name is Meno. ---short for menopause...hee hee!!!

She seems to have traveled to Boston and become a little traveler!! doesn't she look like she is having so much fun?
hopefully a bit of sewing will take place today....hopefully, hopefully.



Blogger Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I am so glad you liked your doll. I really liked the one I received from you also. Thank you for joining in on my swap ;)

14/6/09 3:43 PM  

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