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Mary, Mary.....

How does your garden grow?
Just thought i'd share another yard thing today. Sewing things are coming. Just finished quilting a quilt, and working on another one....and patterns too. Lot's of good stuff. Until then, yard stuff. ok? ok.
These are my garden boots. I wear them when mowing (people giggle i just know it, when they drive by- me mowing, shorts, with my boots and big sun hat on), who cares--- i don't want green feet or know what i am talking about....and i wear them when i go in the morning for the chickens so they don't peck my red toenails. they think they are bugs or something. hate it.

I made this berm last year---i call it the dead mans berm. It looks like a burial spot or something, when bare. Do you see now? I just don't make these things up! Luckily the flowers are coming in!! And where you ask - did i get those flowers? Well, from the dollar store in a can. How about that?!!!

Last year i thought, late summer time,---why not. what's a buck? so there ya go. this year it is growing more than last. the perenials are starting to spread. it is one suprise after another. just so you know i dumped one and a half cans on that body berm.

**I do have to say that i got some FREE ornamental grass and bishops week (which will be moved) and moved a few flowers into that spot, but for the most part it is $1 flowers.**
So for the weekend---go find yourself some cheap flowers in a can and give it to yourself. find a safe spot and dump away. you might be surprised at what pops up.
I am this close to getting a bunch and dumping it in the park strip. i hate that area....this close.....
My mom gave me this one. Newspaper arcticle. Must share it:
Ode to odious, obnoxious weeds
by D. Louise Brown
I think that i shall never see my gras and gardens all weed-free. Though i may spend long, sunny hours on my knees among the flowers with a digging fork in hand trying to relieve my land of every nasty, weedy plant. I must admit---i simply can't.
It seems they wait until i pass all hunkered deeply in the grass, or camouflaged in all that's flowered--- the plant world';s most conniving coward.
Once my weeding ofrk and i have done our work and passed on by, then up they spring with leaves uncurled. prepared to overtake the world. they twist around each flower's stem, choking life right out of them. they sprout and seed and creep and crawl, with no sign of retraint at all.
In Eden's garden weeds were born, springing up midst beans and corn. The world, once, was weed-deprived, but that pure state did not survive.
An apple snack by Eve and Adam, and ever since, the world's had 'em.
Meanwhile, the things i try to grow are tender, delicate, and slow. And though i give them hours of care their response is barely fair. Despite my best attempts to nourish, the weeds are always first to flourish.
Perhaps this care is overrated. Perhaps if weeds were cultivated, then they would grow all weak and frail
or happily, they'd simply fail. And if that worked, then planted seeds might have the chance to grow---like weeds.
The camera thief of 5 1/2 took this goodie: does she think i won't notice or find out?
i'll leave it at that. Have a great weekend girls.

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